Monday 8 June 2009


I've been a bad blogger of late haven't I.

I have been so caught up with work at the moment I feeled totally whacked to find the time and inclination to do anything else at the moment.

My world seems to fall apart when I'm under stress, or more aptly I let it fall apart. Also my weight loss efforts have been in vain as I've been doing some pretty hard emotional eating of all things bloody chocolate. My daughter had to sell two bloody boxes of Freddo Frogs and Caramello Bears, guess who ate the most - we did and I'm not even a big chocolate lover.

Speaking of my daughter she turned 18 last week,gosh that time has gone fast, I will put together a post for her with some photos to commemorate the big event.

I had my CT Scan last week and it should nothing, which is good, but still leaves why I'm having these periodical bouts of pain. I think I'm going to keep a diary of my food etc and see if their is any pattern there.

Yesterday we had a scare with our dog Oscar (the Master of Disaster) he was asleep on the lounge when I heard some grunting, I found him having some sort of convulsion, his little body was rigid and jerky like he was having a fit. He was also frothing at the mouth and clearly not breathing.

I put him on the floor and started rubbing him to try and stimulate him to no avail,I screamed out for my daughter to get something to wipe his mouth as I was prepared to give him mouth to mouth!! While I was waiting for her I started pumping on his chest and he thank god started to breath. He initially could not stand and seemed to have trouble with his coordination which lasted about 5 minutes, then he seemed OK.

I think he may have had a hypoxic episode maybe caused by sleep apnoea.I decided to keep him inside for the night and we both slept on the lounge, which I'm glad I did as the poor little bugger had to go out twice during the night to have a spew, so something is amiss. I'll take him tho the vet's tomorrow.

I suppose you all think I'm crazy sleeping with him and being prepared to do CPR, but I really love my dog and I treat all my animals like another family member, besides he's the only one who loves me UNCONDITIONALLY.

We had a long weekend here to celebrate the Queens Birthday, it's also the time they hand out the Queens Honours to deserving Australians, - I was quite shocked to discover I did not receive anything - HA! You think I could have been awarded something like "Her great contribution to eating Freddo Frogs and Caramello Bears - WhAAAAAAA!!!!!


Pandora Woman said...

-grins- your posts are hilarious, and so honest. I am glad the dog started breathing again, and will keep an eye on your blog again to see how he is doing.

As fof chocolate cravings. I do think....she said with hope in her heart....I have managed to kick the emotional eating thing........a little, may be, I hope.....

Anyways, I have read all about your lap band surgery, and one thing is clear. I do not wish to do it! But admire you no end for doing it.

Margaret said...

I am totally with you, I love my "fur person" would go crazy if anything happened to him.

Keep away from the froggies and bears!!!

angelfish24 said...

Soory to hear about your dog. Hope he is ok.
Wish you would get rid of your tummy pain. That must be hard to live with.

Chris H said...

I hope your wee dog is OK now? And good idea keeping a food diary, maybe something you eat is causing the pains? Chocolate is EVIL.. I hate having it in the house.

Tania said...

LOL @ you not receiving honours - it must have been an oversight!

What happened at the vets with your dog? That must have been very scary - I feel the same way about my dogs so understand completely.

Hope things settle down in your world very soon.

Nola said...

I was devastated too!!!...maybe next year we should nominate each other:)
I don't think you are crazy at all....I would give my dogs mouth to mouth in a heartbeat if I thought I could save them!! And one of mine already sleeps with me...and she's not sick!!! lol
How did you go at the vets?