Tuesday 26 January 2010


Haven't been around much due to an accident I had at work over two weeks ago.

Fell really heavily on my left side after tripping over while lifting a box of copy paper.Knocked myself stupid and damaged my neck,shoulder,hip and foot. The major concerns at the moment are my hip and lower back and shoulder. I initially couldn't get up and was calling out for help for 10 minutes before dragging myself over to my desk and pulling the phone down to call someone.

I found out that two other men in the office heard me calling out and they failed to investigate anything. I think that was what really upset me, they are complete f*ckwits, and couldn't be bothered to get off their butts.

I felt so helpless not to mention feeling like a beached Beluga Whale.

Been having regular Physio which I think makes everything worse, and because it's Workers Comp I need approval from the insurance company before I have anything done.

Had the last 4 days off as it is a Public Holiday here today - Australia Day, commemorating the day the English arrived ( or to some factions - invaded) in 1788 to set up a Penal Colony.

This is the time of year when we have the usual debates and polls about becoming a Republic rather than a Monarchy and changing our national anthem - all a big yawn to me,as there is more important things to debate like crime,the health system and poverty to name a few.

Went back to the lap band doctor yesterday and he is pleased with my loss since my last visit and I don't have to go back now until August - sweet!

My weight has not altered over the past few weeks, probably due to being very sedate on the exercise front, so am glad there is no gain though.

Had quite a few people ask me have I lost weight and how good I look, which has been nice to hear, so I must pull my finger out and post some update photos,oh and I bought some new clobber yesterday,size 16 pants - boohoo, OK they are stretch but who cares!!!


Margaret said...

orry to read you hurt yourself, likewise I did my back injury at work.

The so called "men" need a kick up the ass for neglecting you...

Chris H said...

What total pricks you must work with! I hope you gave them a bloody earful ! If not.. I can come over there and do it for you! I wish.
I hope you are feeling much better soon.

Mick said...

Sorry to hear about your accident hope you are soon fully recovered.

The dipsticks that didn't help arn't even worth talking about.

Tania said...

Oh no, hope you are on the road to recovery really soon. How much longer have they given you off work? Well done on the weight loss front, that's great news that you don't have to go back until August - imagine the difference you'll be showing then!

Nola said...

Ouch!! I bloody hate workers comp back injury was a nightmare with permission for this and that all the time. Also I used to walk into physio and crawl has never ever benefited me! Anyhow...glad to hear you are doing Ok and I hope you heal quickly with no residue problems. Those blokes sound like total tossers! Unfortunately they are in every workplace:)

Tania said...

Waiting, waiting, waiting ... surely there must be an update coming soon? Not that i'm being impatient at all ... lol

Christy Lee said...

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