Monday 12 November 2007


This post was going to be my swan song. I had decided to stop blogging or at least take a break away from it. I felt like I wasn't getting anything from it and in the 12 months I had been blogging my weight has yo-yo ed. I have had more ups and downs than a brides nightie on her honeymoon.

Part of the reason I feel like taking a break is I'm just so damn busy at the moment and do not seem to get time to do anything.I feel like I'm letting myself down and also letting down all the great and really nice people I have met in the last 12 months because I just don't have the time to be more involved. If anyone feels like that I'm truly sorry.

I spoke to my boss today to ask for a week off in early December. The court case for my brothers death starts and my mother wants to go which is understandable. It will on;y take a couple of days, I want to take the whole week as quite frankly I don't think I will be feeling emotionally great after the event. I was surprised if not a little pissed off at the reaction I got.

I got the third degree on why I needed the whole week,when it would take a few days blah blah blah. I got pissed off because for the past 4 weeks Ive been doing 10 -12 hour days. I have been working my ring off as my assistant is away and I'm carrying her can as well as mine, while doing work for the 2 new branches. For a spilt second I was going to cave in and say I could change it to 2 days as I was just too busy to have a week off.

Next,I open up my blog and I read a comment from my dear old friend Chubbymum and her "getting back on track" comment strikes a chord with me. I start to read some of your blogs, the first one I hit is Spidey's, he's feels like he cannot say what he thinks without upsetting some of his readers and is going to stop blogging in his current blog. I must admit I felt a pang of pain when he said he would stop writing on his blog we have come to love for exactly the same reasons he is getting flack for - his take no prisoners approach.

I don't know exactly what or why but all these things put the fire back in my belly so I have decided against the break. I found this picture and thought it was apt - Al, this ones for you and me


White Rose Boy said...

Well for one I'll have to say having you as a blog friend as been a pleasure, you're a good person with a sense of humour. I'll certainly miss your input in blog world.

As for your boss not letting you have the time off, that stinks. I find in life the more you do for people the more you are treated like this. Sometimes its just the right time to put your foot down and speak your mind, you've reached that time.

Take Care my friend and you know where we all are.

Mick xx

Chris H said...

I can understand how you are feeling... and I hope you come back soon. Hang in there mate.

angelfish24 said...

Hope you get the time off you want, your deserve it and it's important to you and your family too.
I was sorry to hear spidey say he will quit blogging as I like his style too, he's different from a lot of use bloggers. Think he won't quit, I'm hoping.
I hope you don't quit too as I like reading your blog and I am always rooting for you. I know what you mean by the yo yo ing up and down as I am queen of that too. It gets tiring but we gotta keep trying.

Meow Meow said...

Sorry that you have soooooooo much going on in your life right now. I know I enjoy reading your blog and hope you continue, but you may just need a break. We all understand that!

Your boss sucks.

One day at a time is all any of us can do....we will all be here!

Chubbymum said...

Oh.... I so understand.. the last couple of weeks has been a nightmare for me too and I had times where I was going to stop blogging and then didn't want to and then did...

I think it is normal with all that is going on with your life at the moment. What about not focussing on the weight loss as such but just to vent about your days and when life at work and home get more bearable then go back to the weight loss..... I think with all that is going on hun you need to take one thing at a time and sort it out and get it out and your blog could be the place to do that... as they say a problem shared is a problem solved.

I know that blogging (for me) is to let out my frustrations and my happy moments and it helps and when I stop blogging everyday then that is when I fall and lose all control..

You know that I am always here to email aye... and if you need to... do it!!!

Love Chubbymum

Iron-Man said...

You know, I think part of growing is change, and sometimes we can grow apart from some people that we want to be friends with. I think that is what has been bothering me to some degree. There are many bloggers that I like and I will miss them and do not want to alienate them.

However, I am dealing with some tough issues that I am not blogging about, and sometimes the only thing that I want to blog about is the aggravation. Aggravation and the aggravating people of this world contribute to my lack of control, and if there are bloggers out there who have a better perspective than I do, I want to hear from them. The only way to hear other ideas is by putting out my own.

I appreciate your thoughts and that photo really captures a moment!!

The problem with most bosses is that they control your finances to some degree. Some of them abuse that privilege and also can be very abusive in subtle ways.

Nona said...

Your boss needs a hard slap. Shall I come give it to him? I know he probably has pressures and deadlines and people to answer to but he should get a temp and not put any pressure on you for something that must already be so difficult.

I am glad you are not going to stop blogging. I feel like I'm just getting to know you and would miss you if you stop. Keep that fire going, lassie.

CactusFreek said...

Well i'm glad you're not really going away :o)

Jenny's blog said...

I love your blog. It's great!