Thursday 10 January 2008


Had my dental appointment today, don't know what hurt the most, the pain or the cost. I was told my tooth was savable by putting in crown,which would cost $ 1200 - $ 1800,with my insurance covering about $500.I asked if that was gold dipped (which did not go down well - I thought it was funny!).

I hate having to make those sort of decisions when I'm vulnerable (like lying in the chair with my mouth propped open, almost as bad as being in the stirrups.) After much twoing and froing, I said "Just take it out".

Next I'm told because theres not much to grab hold on, she will have to cut the gum and break it down using the drill which is just dandy because I hate the drill noise. To me it's like someone dragging their fingers down a blackboard, you know that noise which sends shivers up your spine and makes your blood run cold.My knuckles are now white and I'm sure I'm leaving an imprint in the armrests.

An xray is taken and I'm given the needle.She has another poke around then looks at the xray, then tells me the tooth has three roots which are abnormally long with one having a hook on the end, so she will not be able to take it out and I would have to get it surgically removed! OH GREAT!! I have mental flashes when I had my wisdom teeth out 25years earlier. 4 days in hospital, 3 weeks off work, sick as a dog, lost 10kg, hmmm double take on the 10kg loss - NO, not worth it.

So, after all that, she patched it up in readiness for a crown, so I have decided to give my tooth a reprieve and get the crown done. She must have felt sorry for me as today's bill was nearly $400 which she said if I get the crown she will deduct from that bill, so it will only (says with a sarcastic tone)be around the $ 900 - $ 1400. So that's it my tooth dilemma.

My advice to you all, try and steer your kids to become Dentists, then they will be able to 1. Fix your teeth for free and 2.Support you in your declining years.


White Rose Boy said...

It make me so pleased we have a National Health service.
That is so expensive, think I'd pull my own at that price.

Chris H said...

If I ever go near a dentist again it will be to have all my teeth pulled out! I ain't going through that sort of shit, I dread going.. havn't been in...... about 15 years!!!!! Had to be sedated then too.

Nona said...

Man, if I knew then what I know now I would have married that dentist I dated ;P

I just don't understand how things that are so small can cost so much. It's highway robbery and you're damned whichever decision you make. Makes me so mad!!!

Anyway, I hope you're feeling a little better now that she's patched up the tooth and I hope the whole ordeal is over soon without much more pain. {{{Hugs}}}

Chubbymum said...

Man I would be going for the patch up and not the taking the roots out OMG...

Hubby went to the dentist about a week before xmas and he has to have work done on 6 teeth ouch and the bill came to $1300 so that is booked for March BLOODY hell things are just getting soooo expensive.

Petrol, food, dentist's what else could go up... money hungry people is all I have to say.


Meow Meow said...

Thank you for the giggle. I really needed it. It has been a terribly long day.

I need my teeth cleaning actually. I need to sit down and schedule an appointment---soon. My guy is good, but his new assistant was TOUGH. She had hands of steel. I mean damn she was rough.

Tania said...

Geez isn't is bad enough that we hate going without them making us hate them even more with bills like that???

Christine said...

I am a bad one when it comes to the dentist and anything that has to do with my teeth. I had 8 teeth pulled out - braces, jaw surgery - my smile is worth a ton of money!! :)))))))))

angelfish24 said...

Wow, that is pricey. I hate that it costs so much, that sucks. Lucky I haven't had any real trouble with my teeth but I'm sure that day will come.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

CactusFreek said...

Oh gee, i home the crown is worth it.
I had two teeth removed because i just couldn't afford the cost of fixing them.
One was on the right side, next to the canine [visably gone] and the other is on the other side, 2 back from the canine [Still visable, a bit]And i still have issues in there. My teeth are too expensive to fix, but the longer i leave them, the more expensive they'll get.
Stories like yours just bring that home to me.
At least now your tooth has a bit more of a lifespan, so does your smile :o)