Wednesday 21 May 2008


I'm sure you have all seen this image before.

I have had it saved on my computer for some time. Whenever I look at it it makes me feel oddly pathetic. Pathetic because I represent the fat kid on the left. The kid who thinks constantly of food and eats like there is no tomorrow.

The child on the right is starving.

Starving so one day there will be no tomorrow.

I find it incomprehensible in this modern day and age that people can still starve to death.I often try and visualise what it would feel like,of course my idea of starving is a far cry from what these poor souls are enduring.

I feel my constant struggles with the food demons are minuscule in the great scheme of things, I try and think of all the people in the world who don't have enough to eat,don't have a roof over their heads,don't have someone to look out for them.

It helps me in a macabre way feel grateful for what I have and not what I don't have.

I watched a doucmentry on the weekend. It was about a group of women at a clinic in the US which catered for eating disorders. All the women were aged 15-30 and all anorexics. Some weighed as little as 40kg (around 85lbs)They would be weighed everyday and not told their weight. They had their rooms inspected on a daily basis for hidden food. I found some of the things they did to lose weight a bit destressing.

It made me think, did I have the same problem as them, but in reverse? Or was I simply just a guts who had no control over anything.

I'm still out on this one lets say it's food for thought.


Spider63 said...

You think too much!!! All those thoughts bring on depression which triggers more eating.

When I start thinking deep thoughts I go to the gym or the park or take the dog out and toss the ball!!!

I realize that the blog is for posting all our inner thoughts. I just hope you do not spend too much time beating yourself up.

You are good! You can do it!!

Mick said...

Them photo's do make you think but they highlight there are two seperate problems. Its not just a case of we are eating the food that should go to others, that isn't logistically possible.

The solution to both the civilised & uncivilised worlds problems lie in education.
People in countries like ours need educating in diet from a very young age
Others need educating in ways to produce their own food, contraception, helping themselves, etc. May seem harsh but these things have happend for hundreds of years, its happend everwhere but our countries have moved on. Handing out Food (although needed in the short term) isn't the long
term solution, teaching them to help themselves is.

CactusFreek said...

I understand :o/
It comes down to culture really.
A freind of mine visited a 3rd world country where things were REALLY bad! She drove up a road and saw a family sitting under a tree and they were smiling and singing. She stopped and asked them why they were so happy [nosey parker lol] and the dad said that God had given them this tree to shelter them, and that was a great thing!
That made me feel guilty about taking things for granted, so i try not to anymore.
And then i sponsored a child through Compassion [the one company i'm sure that gets the money where it's needed] and the whole family benefits from our measly $40pw

Our relationship with food has been very distorted through our own culture. We see all these adds on tele promoting junk food as an every day food. And then we read the magazines that tell us that the thinner we are the better.

Sucks aye?

Carlton said...

You have been tagged (sorry!) Head to my blog.

angelfish24 said...

It is sad how much time and energy we think about food and about our body size when people are starving in this world.
Sometimes what helps is what someone said above about sponsoring a child, or just helping out at the homeless shelter or helping people in need. Someday when I'm less busy I hope to volunteer and help out more.
Hope you are having a good week!

Tania said...

Oh how I agree with this post! I think we're all prone to having some sort of "eating disorder" otherwise it's unlikely we'd become overweight to the extent that we are! But being aware of it is the first step - i've often "considered" counselling for that very thing but somehow keep trying to convince myself that I can do this without going down that path - so much of it really is about mindset, and not just the food and exercise - I think we have to get that right first before we experience long term success and as long as you haven't given up you've still got a chance at getting it right! Hang in there.