Thursday 15 May 2008


Sorry I haven't posted for a while. I have decided not to post from work anymore - I think they have installed snooping software on the server, just a hunch as whenever I am on the Internet be it for work or personal business my boss miraculously starts bugging me or coming out and "pretending" to get something of the printer which is behind me - Bastards!

I hardly use it in work time mainly in my lunch hour is all, pity they didn't. look at themselves.

I had a mini meltdown at work last week, it all started Tuesday of last week, my 3' 0clock finishing day, right on 5 to 3 I get an urgent email from the boss wanting me to look into a problem BEFORE I left. I don't know if it was intentional or he simply forget, so I stayed back and did it - under sufferance I might add.

I've mentioned before the times I work, without wanting to seem big headed, I think I just have too much work to do, and I'm at a stage where I feel I'm not doing anything properly trying yo get through it all. Wednesday is my worst day as I have do the wages on a national basis, everyone knows how stressed I get trying to get in done before the deadline,so what does my boss do, start loading me up with other things to do. Well I just "cracked a fat" as we say here. I told him I have too much work, how everyone relies on me to fix their problems, without me getting any reciprocal help and that I just couldn't and wouldn't do it anymore.

The first couple of days were great, but it's slowly starting back to how is was before, I tell you though it will have to change because I'm not putting up with this shit anymore - AMEN! End of rant!

So, out of my 3 weeks of supposedly leaving early to get to the gym, it has only happened twice,today being one of them. But that is not going to happen again I can tell you, I will make sure of that - It time to make this all about me. me, ME!


Mick said...

A lot of larger companies have software that monitors what you do, I know my old company did.
Saying that nobody will be watching it all the time but it will flag alarms somwhere if certain words are used.
Also many companies block certain websites (such as MySpace & Facebook) but they usually miss Blogger for some reason.
One tip if you are accessesing external sites for personal use including Blogger do it via google rather than put the address in direct. That way any monitering equipment will just see the google site.
Saying that it sounds like your boss is watching you so you are right to be careful.

Its good to let off steam at people that are putting on you too much, too many people say nowt and just get on with it. If you blow up occasionally it does both yourself and others some good.

Chris H said...

On the days you simply have to get the wages done .. just work on that and nothing else! If someone asks you to do something else, ignore them! Let it pile up... and just do the most important stuff like the wages? And as for being snooped on with the computer use... well I have to say it.... and don't hate me! But you are there to work... and personal use should be during your own time/breaks/lunchtime eh? I know masses of people who use the company time to browse the net for HOURS when they should be working.. and I kinda think this is bad. Not that you are doing that I am BLOODY SURE... but lots do.

angelfish24 said...

Hope you can get the time off your deserve! I hope the boss really listens to your needs too.
Thx for the comment on my site. Me thinks if we ever met we would have some things in common.
Hope you have a good week!

Carlton said...

I hope you sort things out and I agree you need to put yourself first for a change.
The company I work for also has the software that monitors what you do on the net, but they don't seem to care too much about it...
Hope you have a better week this week and get to go to the gym a little more often.

CactusFreek said...

My hubby's company moniter their online stuff. It's all those perverts out there who gawk at porn all day that spoil it for everyone else. The few spoil it for the mass, as usual :o/
Can you find another job where the workload is more reasonable for you?

Nona said...

Sounds like you are doing the work of at least 3 people which of course saves your company lots of money but endangers your health and well being severely.

It's so outrageous that people are expected to work under such duress and for such long hours. It is impossible to have a good quality of life when the work/personal time balance is so off.

It must be so hard for you trying to find a way to be a good employee and preserve your job while trying to draw some boundaries with someone who isn't listening very well.

I hope it all works out.


Spider63 said...

My boss is another one. I think it is subconsciously wanting to be a prick. On Friday when it is time to leave is when he has every emergency and often has all of us stay an extra hour or more to solve problems caused because he ignored deadlines and did not do his job!!