Monday 15 March 2010


Sorry this is a little late but the day has been filled with drama - coming from a few different areas.

First of all thank you to all my cyber friends who responded I liked all of the responses guessing I was in a far away (and more exciting place) than where I am now but the winner is Margaret who correctly guessed I'm in (insert expletive here) hospital again.

To cut a long story short I had a small pimple like thingo on my stomach,which in the space of 36 hours went from the size of a twenty cent piece to a full blown hot,burning rash over my whole abdomen (and remember my abdomen is so big it deserves it 's own postcode - lol!) turned out to be a bad case of cellutitis, which is a bacterial infection of the deepest layers of the skin.

To add to this drama the pimple was right over the top of my lap band port site, so I had a grapefruit size ball of infection sticking out my stomach about a third, to add to the rash on my stomach which honestly felt like someone had thrown acid over me, I could not even stand water from the shower on it.

I knew I was in trouble so took myself straight away to my immunologist who nearly fell off his chair and said you will not be going home and need to be admitted immediately for IV antibiotics - that was last Tuesday and I'm still here.

After establishing the lap band was not the cause of the infection I have been on heavy duty antibiotics as the swelling around the port, though reduced is still having fluid in it and is around 4cm x 4cm. I had it scanned today and pending a good result I was expecting to come home tomorrow.

Even though I have not received the final results, the initial signs are not good as it's not self contained and there is a small opening into the abdomen which could mean big trouble if the infection was to get inside the perineal cavity (where all your guts are). If that is he case then I'm in for a operation to drain and clean out the area and remove the port so the infection is not carried to my stomach - just great isn't it - I'm gutted (sorry for the pun)

To add to that my darling boy had severe seizures again today and had to be taken back sown to doggie ICU again, so I'm a bit of a mess at the moment,as I just can't lose him - not now anyway. SO please say a prayer for my baby and maybe a little one for me.


CactusFreek said...

Sounds like something out of a horror movie! *Pulling eeewww faces at you*
Poor Oscar too.
[[HUGS]] for you both :o/

Margaret said...

I feel bad for you, and sorry that I was right dammit!!

I hope you recover quickly without the need for an op, and sending best wishes to your baby too, My murphy (lab) was lame last week, I know how it feels when your loved pet is in trouble.

Get well soon, both of you. xx M

Missa said...

Poor pooch. Poor you. Hope and pray for a speedy recovery!


Chris H said...

Holy Hell.... you are a right mess! Can you not try some other way of getting all our attention??? PLEASE? And for goodness sake, GET BETTER.

I hope your wee dog gets better soon too.