Wednesday 17 March 2010



I had my abscess drained today by the biggest bloody needle I have ever seen, they removed about 10mls of pus and sent it away for testing. The pus was green which I thought was apt as today is St Patricks Day (sorry for my sick sense of humor)

Everything going well I will be discharged on Friday and then it's a waiting game for a couple of weeks as to whether this clears up. If it doesn't then it's the knife and having to have my lapband port removed until the infection clears up, then having another surgery to put the blasted thing back, so I hope this does not happen.

We received more bad news yesterday, my husbands sister and brother in law were involved in a head on collision. My SIL died instantly and my BIL is in ICU. My poor hubby is alone at home coping with this as I'm here and as you know my daughter moved out 3 weeks ago to start Uni.

He went to see his BIL today and was upset further to find his BIL in the same unit and the same bed as my brother was in 4 years ago when he was crushed at work and later died,it upset me as well, so I've had a fairly emotional day, worrying about everything.

As they say things happen in three's so I hope this is the end of the bad news and dramas.

There is good news with Oscar, he is recovering and will also be discharged on Friday(as long as he continues to be fit free) so I'm looking forward to giving him a big hug and a kiss from mum.


Margaret said...

I am very sorry to read all your bad news, must be devastating for you all.

I hope your health improves, your husband must be shattered,

Take care xx

Mick said...

Gee it doesn't just rain it pours, you certainly are having a tough time.

You are in my thoughts

Take care x

Chris H said...

That is so sad about your in-laws. Your poor hubby. My heart goes out to him, I know how it feels to lose someone like that (both my brothers in fact).
I will keep me fingers crossed that you are on the road to recovery. No more dramas girl!

Tania said...

What a horrible time you're having at the moment - fingers crossed for the best outcome for you.

My condolences on the passing of your SIL, what a horrible thing for any family to have to deal with, I hope your BIL makes a full recovery.

Take care of yourself - these things serve as a reminder of how we need to appreciate what we have in life sometimes we take it for granted so easily.

Nona said...

My God Celtic Girl!!! So sorry to hear everything you and your family has been going through. That is a lot to deal with. Sending you all my love!!!