Thursday 8 April 2010


Where to start?

So much time has elapsed and so much crap has happened in between, you know the usual day to day crap, as they say "same shit different smell" - lol!

My SIL funeral was two weeks ago, nice service though very short only 15 mins and no wake after wards which I thought was a bit crappy as people had come interstate to pay their respects. I think wakes are good for the families to get together and reminisce the good times rather than focusing on the bad. Oh well that just my opinion.

Her hubby didn't make it out of hospital to attend the funeral, in fact he is still in battling a chest infection hampered by all his broken ribs - poor bugger, imagine how he feels as he was the driver as fault.

My daughter is home for the week on an Easter break, I want to go to Uni,I want to have a weeks break after only being there for a month - what a life. She is going well and enjoying it, not many written assessments as most are of a practical nature.

She has one coming up where is has to sing an Operatic Scale which is in Italian, she is a Alto Soprano, and very nervous about it as it's done in front of the whole class.

Went back to the Dr's yesterday with my abscess, it's healing slowing, about a week after I came home from hospital the thing burst, which I think was the best thing for it as it has progressed from then. So as of now I don't have to have the port removed which is good news for now. My weight was down on his scale by 4 kgs since my last visit in February so we were both happy with that,though I copped the usual lecture on doing some exercise- yadda yadda yadda! (Though I know he is right)

Anyhow better sign off it's 5am here as I woke at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep, so will try and lay down for an hour before the alarm goes off.


Margaret said...

Sad time you have had all round.. I think the wake is just as important as the funeral service.

My son is on Uni leave too..Good news on the weight loss.

Me too, I was up this moring from 3ish to about 5, had bloody reflux after I scoffed an Easter Egg before bed.

Have a good week

Chris H said...

What a time you have had of it lately!
I hope you are well on the road to being all better again mate.

Nona said...

Talk about a lot on your plate. My goodness!!! Wish your BIL well. He must be so devastated all round.

Glad your daughter is happy and doing well. Ahhhhh to be a teenager again. :)

Fantastic weight loss!!! Mega glad the abscess is healing.

Are you still working that demanding job? How are things going there?

CactusFreek said...

Did your SIL have kids? You're right, it does suck that there was no wake.
It's great that your daughter is doing well at UNI. I have a freind who started UNI this year and it's killing her already!

Mick said...

Having no wake is strange, never known it before.

You're right about Uni holidays, lucky sods.

Nola said...

I agree about the wake...I think it is a good opportunity to celebrate their lives and have a smile about their antics etc. Glad you didn't have to have your port removed and that the infection seems to be healing up.

Tania said...

So you're listening to your doctor and getting some exercise in now right? ;-)

I agree with you regarding wakes, my MIL died at our home nearly 3 years ago, we had the wake here and to this day people are still talking about what a memorable afternoon it was with us all sharing our good memories.