Tuesday 24 August 2010


This is a long overdue post - sorry.

Did not set out to be away for so long, but I just got sick and tired of only having depressing news to report and also felt my readers felt like that as well.

I set a few things in motion and intended to come back with some positive posts when my plans were completed but it as not worked out the way I would have liked.

Anyways I'm here now and will summarise what has been going on over the last 3 months or so:-

My daughter had problems with living away from home, became quite depressed due to homesickness and had to be refereed to a Dr.

My daughter also fractured her foot on the last day of Uni, did her final performance assessment with a broken foot and spent a very boring 6 weeks at home in a aircast boot poor kid.

Had continued pain from my fall at work in January. Been having weekly massages for the muscle spasm and popping pain pills by the hundreds I suspect.

Reorganised our finances.

My beloved Aunty and Godmother died after a 4 week illness.

Pain from fall worsened over the last 4 weeks. Had to go and buy crutches as I could not put any weight on my right leg. Dr treating me for adducter strain or tear.

Due to pain have also been self medicating with my choice of meds - FOOD !Weight
got up to 118 kg again from 107 kg (Holy snapping arseholes !!! EEEK)

Finally my Immunologist ordered a Bone Scan I have two fractures in the pelvis - FUCK - no wonder I have been in agony and thinking of getting a new GP as I feel he is to complacent regarding me. This is the second thing this year he has misdiagnosed am over it.

Told today the fractures can take 2 - 12 months to heal, treatment is no weight bearing and rest - great.

Because this is Workers Comp and 7 mths after the injury I have had some pretty disappointing attitudes from people I work with. You would think after 12 years of service they would know my character and integrity by now and not judge me as a malingerer.

Mother is unwell , she needs a knee replacement, I told her she should get it done and I will take time off work to help her out, now with my problems this makes this hard.

Have put a check on the food, weight now 112.7kg.

Anyways that enough for today, my bum is sore from sitting, will catch up on all your blogs and promise not to be away for so long next time.


Chris H said...

Sooo good to hear from you again Chick.
Sorry there have been so many upsets in your family and extended family.
YOu are swimming in shit!
I reckon you definitely should change doctors... complacent! More like useless! How the fuck did he miss you having a fractured pelvis!!! Idiot.
I hope you can co-ordinate things so at some point your Mum can get her operation and you can help her too.
As for your work colleauges... they are not very nice if they think you are throwing 'sickies', I know you.. you give your job 110%!
Big Hugs and I hope all comes right soon mate.

Nona said...

Well it's about time woman!!! So glad to catch up on what's been going on with you. I've missed you so.

Sorry to hear about the trials and tribulations. You've been having a rough rough time over the past months and I empathise greatly.

Get a new doctor and sue the old one. As for the work situation ... they work you to to the bone (no pun intended) for years and now you need them they're questioning your integrity??? What CADS!!!

Hope you get the support you deserve and can work out a way to help your Mum.

Sending you lots of love and good wishes. {{{Hugs}}}

Mick said...

Hey up Celtic,
Good to hear from you.

Sounds like you have been gong through a hectic time, hope everything sorts itself out soon.

Nola said...

OMG you have had so many things to contend with..and I can't believe you have been doing all this with a broken pelvis!!! I hated being off always felt like you had to justify yourself and prove to workmates you were really makes you feel like shit!! I hope that attitude isn't from all of your workmates....great to have you back blogging:)