Wednesday 11 April 2007


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No, this post is not about The Biggest Loser TV show, it's about me - The Biggest Loser.

I'm a loser because I cannot stay on the plan for even a day, I'm a loser because I wont get off my ample butt and get back to the gym (while still paying for it), I'm a loser because I can't get my shit together long enough and am wasting so many opportunities.I'm a loser because I'm fearful of the TBL TV show ending as it is my one source of inspiration I have, when I watch the show I want to do better.I'm a loser because I always settle for second best, I hate my life, I hate my job, I hate myself, loser,loser LOSER!!!!!!!!

The Biggest Loser aka fattiboomsticks, fattiboombalata, barge arse, fatso, hippogirl.When I bend over everyone thinks there's a solar eclipse about the happen, hell I'm so fat you'd have to roll me in flour to find the wet spot!

OK, now I've got that off my chest tomorrow is another day, gotta pick myself up, dust off the crap,get back on the Ass (my horse died from the load) and try again and again and again.

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White Rose Boy said...

I can't criticise cos I'm also not making my targets and have had a disasterious week when it comes to weight loss.
We all have times when we can't motivate ourselves but you are correct tomorrow is another day.
Keep going girl.

Rebecca said...

It's easier said than done when it comes to giving UP. I give up easier than I should, but constantly cheer others on.

You know thay say "You are you own WORST critic." It's true.

One day at a time.

Chris H said...

Hells bells ! Have a hissy fit then, hope you are over it? I have never read a post quite like that... did enjoy it though... I just hope it helped you? ARe you really ready to get on with it??? I'm watching you.... and I hope you really are not a LOSER in one sense, but are a LOSER in another... as in losing the kilos!

Sue said...

Winston knew what he was talking about!
You can do it.

Wanna_B_slim said...

My my my... we are in a bad way arent we....
I can just see you throwing a tanty on the lounge floor while ranting that...rofl...
Shouldnt laugh should i... but its funny...
We have all been there lovely...
And no doubt will all go thru it many times during our journeys..
Get off ya butt.. get to friggin gym.. you are paying for it after all.. and smile girl.. and enjoy it! you know once you get there you will be fine..
Consider this a virtual kik in the arse...
lets get back with it NOW!!!

angelfish24 said...

wow, I was thinking what the above person said, "we are our own worst critic". But, cut yourself a break! I say negative things to myself but wow, you fight down and dirty. I'm sure you are feeling better about things now, I hope, and that these negative thoughts are few and far between. How about listing all the good things about yourself. All your inner qualities that are good if the outer ones are bothering you. I'm trying to do a "what I am thankful for" at times to get my head on right.
I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. It is a hard, grueling, journey to get fit and healthy but I'm down in the trenches with you and struggling right along with you.

Chubbymum said...

We are not going to let you

Give up!!
and that is a promise

Love ya

Abba said...

okay. now that I can see you are all about venting it all out...
do you feel better now? looks like you vented for me also. thank you.

Give yourself one goal. I made up my mind on the blog today to ask for help. I posted what my goals were for next week for all to see so that you and my fellow fat busters can keep me in check.

CactusFreek said...

Don't say that stuff. You can hate the way you think or the way you don't think, but you're not allowed to hate you! Just stop it!
I don't want the biggest loser to end either for the same reasons [BTW Go Damien!] but take heart in knowing that the American season won't be far away :o)

We are all in this together [[Hugs]] :o)

Hubby sent me to the shop before to get him some chocolate eclairs [and cheesecake on special] while i also had to get some cake and biscuits for church tomorow. I thought, "Yea no worries. Better on his hips than mine." But two hours later and guess who's hips half that bloody nice caramel & chocolate swirl cheesecake is on? Mine!!
We all repeat the same old stupid things.
I saw a show on Medical Miracles a few weeks ago that had really fat people on it. I'm talking 500+ kilos. One guy said, "Food is my addiction but i still have to have it. I'd like to hear an alcoholic or drug user say that they can only have one drink, or only shoot up 1/4 the contents of a needle...they can't! I have to feed my addiction, but only in moderation. Most days i can't do that"
That's quite insightful. And understanding it is part of fixing it :o)

I forgot about that show. I think i might blog about it....

Spider63 said...

You are not a loser, because you aren't a QUITTER. Quitters are losers. As long as you are not quitting, you are winning.

The battle against any disease is like a war. Civil War. One half of yourself against another half of yourself. Which side wins? The entire you, when you learn to love all the sides of yourself in a positive way that leads to healthy choices and self-esteem. Don't knock yourself down, push yourself up!!! You can do it, I can do it, we can do it!!