Sunday 22 April 2007


I need a change. A career change. I have been doing the same job now for 8 years and to be honest, I'm bored. It's the same shit day in and day out, sometimes it has a different smell, but basically the same old shit.

What I want is a career and not a job. They are two completely different things. I want to do something I enjoy and get satisfaction from, something that will fulfill my self actualising needs and not just the basic needs like a job does. But what to do? What can a 4O something, overweight woman do. I add the overweight because like it or not, it does play a part. Before I started my current position I did the rounds. I got interviews for all the jobs I applied for, I even had CEO's ring me before hand to introduce themselves and touch base with me before the interview.

I never seemed to get past the first interview, most were pretty good at masking their thoughts, but I could tell they were just going through the motions. Back then I was about 10 kilos lighter than I am currently, so what chance would I have now. Admittedly the positions I was applying for were sales positions, so appearance is critical.The thought of going through all that again really does terrify me, so I don't take the leap and even try. Then I get stressed from the frustration of having to do the mundane job I have and not the career I want.

Then comes the question, what would I do if none of these factors existed. I would like to do many things, like go back to University and study something like Forensic Medicine, archeology or history, but apart from winning the lottery, I cannot see it happening.

I suppose I need to be a bit more grateful, as at least I have a job, it pays OK and is close to home, but it is lacking in the fulfillment area. I keep telling myself, when I lose the weight I'll start looking again (I've been saying that for the past 8 years by the way), everything will be better when I lose the weight.

Well, I bloody well hope so, as I've got a lifetime resting on it!!!


Spider63 said...

You might as well start looking right now. Send out your resume and see what happens. Go to the interviews. You may not get any jobs, but you will get motivated and also learn what people are looking for.

When you are mentally ready, you will get the job. It takes practice to do a good interview. I went to dozens of interviews, and some went great (but lead to nothing) and some sucked and sometimes the people doing the interviews were arrogant pricks and I honestly did not even want to be there once I met them. However, all the interviews helped to mold my thinking as to what is expected and what people are looking for.

Eventually, I got lucky and found a good job for me. In the meantime I found a few crappy jobs and each one paid more than the last. Learning to dance for the bosses was part of getting mentally ready for a better job.

Don't use your weight as an excuse, as I have seen some really obese people who have great jobs and make tons of money. It is what is in your brain that counts, your attitude, your presentation.

Chris H said...

Some things change when you lose weight, others do not.... I say go for it now, you can exude confidence and ability... big or bloody not! I got several jobs when I was enormous, it is all down to attitude! I know it is easier to be confident if one is confortable with oneself...but still... don't put your life on hold just cos you are overweight.... you are only putting yourself down. Be happy today, life is too bloody short.

Chubbymum said...

I can't say I have had trouble getting jobs... even though I have been big. I am soooo lucky I suppose. Maybe the confidence needs to be boosted hun... because you CAN get anything you put your mind too.

Go for it girl.. if there is a way you can get a job that you love then apply for lots and lots until you find the right one.

Maybe you could check out some courses that aren't that expensive that you would enjoy or get a student loan or something. I am not too sure what you get over there? In New Zealand there are a lot of possiblities.

I agree with Spider63 don't use your weight as an excuse hun because in the long run you have one life to live...LIVE it to it's fullest.

Love ya

White Rose Boy said...

I can understand what you feel about your job, I have a few of the same thoughts. The place I work is just not as enjoyable as it once was thats one of the reasons I recently applied for redundancy (that I didn't get).
The thing is its a good job that pays a decent salary plus other benefits (good pension & health schemes). There are many things I would like to do in my life but like most of us money is the key so we need "to work to live".
However as you say there is always the lottery so we can always dream.

Although you can't always use weight as an excuse some people (not all) do have a tendancy to be predjudice against those of us who carry extra pounds. However thats their loss all we can do is be ourselves.

Rebecca said...

I agree with Spider. You need to get out there NOW. Do research take a class and see what its like to be back in school. REALLY!!!!!

What have you got to lose besides weight and a bit of time???

CactusFreek said...

I understand! Before i started pro-creating, i did supermarket work and fruit picking/grading. I didn't want to go back to that at all! So the year before my youngest started school, i went to TAFE and got my cert 3 in childcare [so i can boss other peoples kids around too] But no-one wants to emply a mid-30s, grossly overweight woman when there are plenti of Uni students who will work for lower pay :o(
So i'm going to go back to Tafe and find something i can do that i will enjoy. I'd like to drive the big Catapillars you see at roadworks. I looked into it but it will cost more money that you'd think to get a ticket, and any man will get the job before a woman, so i was informed. So i'm thinking about what to do.
I work as a Mystery shopper, but that isn't enough to pay the bills.
If you like "cloak and dagger" stuff, i can give your their website. It's really fun!
Chin up, it's a BIG world out there! :o)

angelfish24 said...

I agree that you should start looking for a job now. Practice your interview skills, even if the job isn't something you really want.
Go back to school! Find a way! I am going back the last few years but it is hard and had to get a student loan some quarters but it is also very interesting too. I get stressed by it all but I enjoy learning something new. And, I am a better student than when I was in college out of high school. I'm more serious and committed cause I'm paying for it and just more mature and know what I want.
Don't let you wt hold you back! I know it's hard but you gotta try to make some changes if you are unhappy. You can do this!

Livy said...

You are so articulate and smart. It pisses me off that your ability to do a job well has anything to do with what you look like. That sucks. Maybe it's time to learn something new?? Checkout Harcourt Learning Direct and see if there is something there you would be interested in. You could do a course and pay it off... that would make you more attractive to prospective employers too. Fake it till you make it I say. I have applied for jobs and got them just on pure bluff, and ended up acing them. I think that job hunting is so exciting. Especially when the phone rings to tell you you've got the job!! Look at this as a positive change to your life, and just know that the universe has something very special in store for you!!