Sunday 8 April 2007


This Easter I have received by far the most chocolate I have ever received. I am appreciative of the thought behind the gifts but have had a few silent screams.I even bought myself a small Lindt bunny (before all the gifts)just so I would have some chocolate and not feel left out. Well, that has not been the case and my cup is running over - with chocolate!!!!

Had a pretty quite one this Easter which is good.Pottered around the house, hired some DVDs, saw The Departed which I thoroughly enjoyed and Casino Royale which I will have to get out again as I feel asleep half way through it.Didn't really get enough viewing time to say whether I like the "new" James Bond but one things for certain, I like Daniel Craig - hubba hubba!!!

One more day off then it's back to the same humdrum of work. I shouldn't complain if I didn't work I'd get bored at home, but I could handle only having to work 2 or three days a week - dream on!


White Rose Boy said...

Chocolate, oh dear you have a problem lady. Impossible to resist I reckon.

Chris H said...

You don't have to eat all that chocolate eh? Walk outside and yell "COME AND GET SOME FREE CHOCOLATE", that should work! It will be gone forever.. and not down your gullet ... unless of course you actually want to eat it? Have a lovely day.

Spider63 said...

I felt sorry for my little girl, as this year we held back on the candy-filled eggs, and yet I still had several pieces of choco and I can feel the bloating in my gut. YUCK.

Rebecca said...

Ok you open a thriving business...I'll work 3 days and you can work 3 days. We will close on Sunday and both be happy!!

See I don't hope for much, do I?

Chocolate is ALWAYS a good thing. Can I Say YUMMY for my TUMMY??

angelfish24 said...

yeah, I hear ya. We have too much candy and chocolate around the house...for my son but it's calling for me to eat it! Oh, those large choc. bunny ears!
I recently saw the departed and liked it too and yes, I like the new james bond, daniel craig. He's pretty intense and comes across good and not bad on the eyes either.

Abba said...

Hope you had a great Easter. Love the bunny pic below.

CactusFreek said...

I had too much chocolate too. I'm going to do the grocery shopping at franklins tomorow and like every other year, they'll have rediculously marked down, good quality easter eggs. And because it's the school holidays, i'll have at least one child begging me to buy some. And my evil twin who occupies the left side of my brain will join in with the begging.
Hopefully this year they didn't stock so much and there won't be so much in my face. If there's only a few eggs, i can run away. If there's lots, i'll take a photo so everyone will understand lol

I haven't seen many new releases lately. I'm looking forward to Pans Labyrinth :o)

Chubbymum said...

Hmmmmm Daniel Craig is certainly one scrumptious male he he he

I like Casino Royale but haven't seen The Departed might just try it.

Easter is a killer with chocolate isn't it. I brought myself a chocolate and enjoyed it too. Once a year isn't bad I reckon as long as I don't get the taste for it more often than that he he.

Hope work hasn't been too bad hun.

Love Chubbymum