Wednesday 9 January 2008


I think today I've had one of the worst days I've had for a long time.

I had a restless sleep due to an aching tooth which I had broken at dinner time the night before. It's an old root canal I had about 12years ago, all the fillings have fallen out and I'm left with a gaping hole, that I cannot ignore. I thought when they did root canals they removed the nerve making the tooth dead and painless - WRONG!!

After waking up my stomach started to gurgle and I was having colic like pains, it felt like they were running the Grand National Steeplechase in my abdomen. Without going into details, once I sat on the "throne" I couldn't get off,consequently I was late for work on my busiest day - payday.I am not exagerating when I say I could not stand still long enough on the scales to get a weigh in - so it will have to "weight" until next week.

In my haste to get out the door, I had a mix up with my morning medication, and as I could not remember what I took I didn't take what I was supposed to, like my pain meds for my arthritis. God knows what I took but I was spacey for half the day, I know it wasn't the pain meds as I was stiff and sore all day. I am praying every ones pays are OK - Ha ha!!!

I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the dentist and I will be telling her to give me my options and the cost first, then I will make the decision. The last thing I want is to pay out hundreds of dollars on a tooth which is unsalvable. I'd rather get it taken out,it's a back molar so I'm lucky you can't see it. Can I tell you I hate dentists, I would rather have a pap smear by a one armed Gyno with Parkinson's disease, than go to the dentist - I am a big chicken.

I feel like the mouse in the picture below - I'm screwed!!!


Nona said...

Poor sweetheart. That was a bad day. Gosh!!! Apparently with root canals, they remove the main roots but they are hundreds or thousands that are too tiny to remove. Hence your pain now I guess. I don't mind the dentist but I HATE the astronomical cost of getting anything done. I have to say in a contest between the dentist and gyno, I'm going dentist even with the expense. LOL!!!

Hope you get non-expensive relief soon.


Anne said...

Ouch to the tooth! I had a root canal years ago that played up on and of for years and I would get swelling and pain. In the end I told them to take it out.

Not a good day for you!!

Foodie Girl said...

Yowee. I hate tooth aches. It can be oh so very painful. Hope you have some relief soon.

angelfish24 said...

Sorry to hear about your bad day and the tooth pain. Hope you get that resolved soon.
Hope your week is better!

Tania said...

Yep - definitely share your hatred of dentists, hope the appt went well this morning, days like yesterday just need to end AND FAST!!!

TitanThirteen said...

Aaawww [[Hugs]]
There is absolutely nothing worse than a toothache!
My mouth is a mess, i have cavities between all my teeth that will just cost way too much to fix. That comes from brushing, but not flossing i guess :o(

I was shocked by that mouse picture. I found it gross and offensive. The dirty little bastard!

I like your "Watch it drop" thing in the sidebar. I think i'm going to steal that idea, thanks :o)

Chubbymum said...

Oh hun that is not good... I am scared of the dentist as well. Will be thinking of ya.

Love Chubbymum