Monday 29 September 2008


I've knuckled down in the last week with the diet. I had sort of been piss farting around with it thinking I had enough time to lose some weight before the surgery.

I think the idea of if I didn't lose enough "pre-surgery" weight they would cancel my surgery has motivated me enough to start and stay on the blasted thing. The last week has been hard - bloody hard but to my credit I have stayed on track.

That's the problem with these low carb diets, the first week is the hardest, in regards to the headaches and the hunger pains. If you can get over the first week you'll do OK - well that's how it is for me anyway.

The other problem is the monotony, shake for breakfast, fruit mid morning,soup or shake for lunch with a garden salad, then 120g lean meat for dinner with veges all low carb of course.

The morning shakes are palatable but the soups leave a lot to be desired, which says a lot as I am someone who can eat anything (hence why I am obese). The soups are so feral I'm not going to order anymore, even though I haven't tasted this, they taste like they have been soaked in gym socks - YUK!!

The good points of this diet are you don't have to think about what your going to have,the weight loss results are good and I can honestly say I feel better within my self and have more energy.

The fact that this is all for a greater cause is keeping me sane because really I'm having some pretty drastic intervention in regards to the surgery so I need to put in the effort as well,as the problem wont be fixed by the Lapband alone.


Chris H said...

You have a very powerful incentive now... so good on you for knuckling down to it chick.

Nona said...

It is tough to stay on a diet. I guess that is why people say they don't work, but for you this can work because it is a short term measure to get you ready.

Try to find a better soup, no use eating gym sock soup ;P. Hang in there!

Mick said...

I believe all diets are tough, the secret is always the motivation. Without something to motivate we are all destined to eventually fail, thats why many of us yoyo with our weight.

Spider63 said...

I think that the main problem with any diet is that it takes the spontaneity out of your decision making process.

I bet if we all worked at the mall and had to choose from the Food Court every day no matter what, that after a while it would be deadly boring.

The main problem is that the diet choices in general tend to be bad. You drive down the street and most of the fast food choices are bad. Where is the Veggie Burger Shop or the Salads R Us??

Anyhow, stick to it girl. If you can do it, maybe I will too! Healthy in 2009!!!

Nola said...

Try getting the vanilla flavoured shake and then adding essence for a change of flavour. I did that when I went on it for 8 weeks many years ago to get into the "force". I used to put coffee, peppermint, mint...any essence that takes your fancy really. I even put brandy essence in a nightime one and heated it some "special" night toddie!! anyway, good luck!!

angelfish24 said...

Good for you for staying on you food plan, I know it's important for your pre surgery. Way to go. I'll be following your progress and see how you are doing. When was the surgery set for?

Tania said...

Know exactly what you mean about that first week! Sadly for me, every time i've tried low carb I don't make it to the end of the first week. Glad things are clicking into place - they're all steps in the right direction.