Thursday 9 October 2008


I've calmed down - a bit - since my last post. That's how it is will me, I let things build up and KAPOW! I explode and have a rant.

The problems are still there though, I don't think they will ever go unless I get a divorce and/or move out.

I had to take my son to the vet on Tuesday (Yes he is a dog), poor bugger ripped one of his nails out in the screen door and it was bleeding like a stuffed pig. $110.00 later we come home with some antibiotics and pain killers for my poor wee man.

Normally my boy would lavish kisses on me when asked, but at the vets he wouldn't "talk" to me and kept turning around so I was presented with his one eye (Bum)as he didn't like me holding him down for the vet to inspect the wound - there funny buggers aren't they.

It's only 6 weeks to my surgery day, I think this also hasn't helped the stress levels as I so much want this to work. Also, I want to get my Xmas cleaning done before I go into hospital just in case I cannot do it after. So much to do, so little time.

I go back to the surgeon in just over two weeks and am scared shitless he will tell me he won't do it because I havn't lost any weight. I restarted the Optifast again today and already I'm thinking about what I can have for dinner when I have just finished lunch - FARK!

Got to keep telling myself it's for the greater good!!!!!


Carlton said...

Sorry to hear about your Son and hope he gets better soon. Yes they are funny things. Mine male cat ripped out one of his claws the first time they had to board them at the vets. He had a fight with my female cat, silly me had them put in the same pen/cage, never again.

Optifast is not pleasant but its one thing that has to be done. I'm surprised your surgeon has you doing it so early. When I looked into, you only had to do it for the 2 weeks before your operation. I guess everyone is different. All the best with it and take it one day at a time...

Nola said...

Must be the month for vet visits around here! He is a little cutie:) Scarlett is talking to me again after her operation:) Good luck with the Modifast...blahhhhh

Tania said...

Awwww isn't that face just gorgeous? Hang in there mate, things will settle down soon i'm sure but in the meantime don't be so hard on yourself - between your brother, impending surgery, needing to lose weight etc you've got a lot on at the moment - remember to be kind to yourself.

Chris H said...

HANG. IN. THERE. The time will fly and all will be good.

angelfish24 said...

Sorry to hear about your brother and you doggie. I hope you everyone is doing better. Cute dog...none of them like going to the doctor so I'm sure that's why he was giving you the attitude.

Hope you are doing well.

CactusFreek said...

My goodness, you have been through the mill a bit!
I hope your brother turns out to have something very simple wrong with him. I know someone who once had very similar symptoms and it turned out to be fluid presure on the brain. Once the presure was released it was all good again.

Whats with the Christmas cleaning?? Are you cleaning walls or something?? lol

Spider63 said...

You put sugar on the wound and it will seal up. I have fixed two dogs who had gotten hit by cars and I basically taped them back together. I also have a duck now with a broken leg that is healing.

However, if your dog is like your baby, then you have done the right thing. You can never tell if something will get infected.

Hope you are doing better in every respect!

Spider63 said...

What is your starting weight and current weight for the Halloween/Christmas Challenge?