Monday 13 October 2008


Where has the time gone, my surgery time clock is showing 38 days, when I started it was over 70 days.

So far I have been sticking to the shakes,so hope I can post a loss this week.Everytime I feel like I'm going to go off track, I do some serious talking to myself,suffice to say anyone that sees me probably thinks I'm some crazy bird.

It's a bloody battle I can tell you, so fingers crossed I lose AND stay on track.

The weekend has come and left in a hurry,the dog bit me on Saturday (the little shit) not bad, only a warning snap, but it still drew blood. His problem is he thinks he's the boss!!!!

Anyway not much more to report, still stressed, still broke, thank goodness today is payday.


Carlton said...

I'm so happy to hear your sticking to it. Boy has time flown - 38 days will fly by in no time.

Mick said...

Its good you are sticking to it, keep fighting.

Bet you're hungry and that dog was lucky you didn't bite back, lol.

Chris H said...

Hate to say it but one's dog should NEVER bite it's owner! Serious stuff mate... I hope you showed him who was boss!!!

Tania said...

Fingers crossed for a good loss - I think you definitely deserve it being on shakes ... lol ... half way there - the rest of that time will fly by.

Spider63 said...

Stay with it, only 38 days to go and then you will begin a new and better life!!