Sunday 19 October 2008


We went into the city (Sydney) today as my daughter had a audition with the Sydney Theatre Company. It was her first time auditioning for a professional company and as expected she was a little nervous. She had to perform from a cold script, which basically means they are given a piece to work on (with a partner) selected by the director, given a short time to rehearse it and then do it for the director. All in all the process took about 2 hours.

They need 15 actors and there were a heap of young people there so we wont know until later if she has made it, but really if she doesn't make it this time,there always going to be a next time and it's been a good learning curve for her. I was really proud of her as this was way outside of her comfort zone and she is only 17 and still at school, so theres plenty of time.

Before the audition we had a lunch at the Waterfront Restaurant at The Rocks, the scenery of the harbour and the Opera House was divine, we sat outside on a beautiful sunny day. It is a seafood restaurant and my husband & I had the seafood platter for two which although very nice with lobsters,crabs etc was a little short on quantity for the $140.00 price, but hey we don't do that sort of thing often and the views themselves made up for price.

Iv'e been reading a lot of blogs lately on people who have had the Lapband and I'm feeling it's not going to be the walk in the park like I thought. I mean I know really it's not going to be easy, but I just think I'll have to be off work at least two weeks(my doctor told me initially a week) as I am someone who gets pretty whacked from anaesthetics and my surgeon told me due to my autoimmune condition I would spent a couple of more days in rather than overnight.

Also I'm worried about being intubated as my last operation two years ago was nearly cancelled because the anesthetist couldn't get the tube down my throat( funny I thought I was Linda Lovelace - ha ha)and I woke up with an extremely lacerated throat which gave me more pain than the incision site. Personally I think the anaesthetist was a bit green around the edges as I have never had this problem before.

Anyway better sign off and get ready for work tomorrow.


Nola said...

I guess everyone is different...if anaethesia has knocked you around before it may do again? I was operated on Thurs night at 6.30pm and travelled home next day. I am due back to work this Thursday, which will be 6 clear days really. Today I feel great but still getting a bit tired. I feel confident that I will be OK for work....but if I had some holidays up my sleeve I probably would have taken another week off. See how you go.

Nona said...

Sounds as though you had a lovely day. Wish James and I were there chatting with you and your family and sitting in the sun with that great view.

Hope your daughter handled the audition well whether or not she iss selected...but of course I hope she gets selected. :)

It is good to read about other people's experiences with the lapband. Information is definitely power, but know that just like your experience with the anaesthesia, so will the results of the surgery be unique to you in some ways.


Carlton said...

Everyone is different and I'm sure you will be fine.

Just remember that lap band surgery is not a quick fix, it is just a tool for you to use on your weight loss journey i.e. like calorie counting or weight watchers. There will be good times and bad times with it. Whilst it reduces the size of your stomach it doesn't stop you from eating the junk food etc that you would normally eat.

As for how long you need off work, just see how it goes. You will be on soft foods for a month after the surgery as well.

Sorry if this sounds a little harsh, I don't mean to...

Nola said...

Just an update for you... I have had the runs yesterday and again this morning and actually feel a bit ordinary today! So I have decided not to go back to work tomorrow and I am going to ring surgeon later and get a certificate for tomorrow and Friday. I will go back on Monday! So, if you can, I would certainly suggest you take whatever length of time you can off? There is not just the physical either....I think your head needs a week or two to catch up and digest all that has happened to you after the banding and settle into the new way of life. I hope that made sense!