Sunday 4 February 2007


Have just finished watching the first episode of The Biggest Loser.Watching it I felt pretty much "dead from the neck up". I felt little to no emotion for them unlike the previous year when I was blubbering away with them. On reflection, I think it's the frame of mind I have been in since Xmas, which has been pretty shit in regards to weight loss.Last years show gave me the inspiration the start this journey, which to date, has seen me lose 17 odd kilos and drop 2 sizes.I was and still am hoping I get that from this years show.

I have been feeling pretty sorry for myself lately,trying to place blame and give excuses for losing my "mojo".Well ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I am giving myself a humongous kick in the butt to get on with it.One of my strategies is to track what goes in my gob everyday and more importantly the exercise I do. I need to accountable.

As the picture says, I'm putting on my big girls panties and getting on with it.


CactusFreek said...

Woohoo you go girl!
We all lose our "mojo" from time to time. But each time we do it, we are confronted with 2 choices. Suck it up and get on with it. Or keep wallowing in our own self hatred.
Hopefully, with each time we start slipping, we pull ourselves back up quicker and quicker. Then before we know it, one day our loss of mojo will only last a day or two before we recognise it and kick our own butts!

Rebecca said...

I told you on a previous post that I did like one of the guys on the Biggest Loser. I didn't see the other night.

Can't they make us a fat pill that will melt away 25 or 50 pounds at a time?

White Rose Boy said...

It is difficult to maintain 100% attitude all the time in regards to weight loss. I think we all have our slack periods for various reasons.
Anyway I hope you get back on track you did really well last year.

Spider63 said...

Yeah. What you said. Feeling sorry for yourself is part of the disease of obesity. It happens to me all the time, and you have to fight it. If you give in to self-pity, the carton of ice cream will soon follow, and along with that comes FAT.

CactusFreek said...

I don't know why the avatars aren't working. I don't think the format they are in makes any diff. Yours is a Gif and mine is a JPEG.
Did you upload them to photo bucket?

I'm Fat said...

Good for you sista! I need to get some inspiration my fat self. I have to go out of town for business, so it's a little rough sometimes, you know?

angelfish24 said...

I hear what your saying. Just quit making excuses for losing the mojo. I am there too. Accountablility is a big part of it and I took that step today too. We can beat this mutherfricker! It is hard and we get down but I know that is part of the journey and have to just accept it. I hope you have a good week!