Wednesday 21 February 2007


I'm pleased to say I lost 1.8kg(3.96lbs) this week. Iv'e been sticking to my old plan and I must say I feel better for it.I had a few days when I could of eaten the dog, but to help me I spread my food out over 6 meals which helped me a great deal.I am optimistic I can do this again and get back on track. I still need to start the exercise again but I believe in fixing one problem at a time.
The Biggest Loser has helped,watching them train is also motivating me to start as they have all come so far in a couple of weeks. so if they can do it there's no excuse for me.

I'm feeling positive at the moment and I like that feeling.


angelfish24 said...

Way to go on the loss! Wooohooo! Glad to hear your feeling good and on track.
I like that saying below using food as a sex substitute, funny. I'm sure that eating when emotions hit, particularly stress or sadness made me get fat. When I was young I didn't use food like I have done in the past 15 years. I'm still trying to analyze it and try to fix it but it's complicated. Good for a while and then I tumble off the wagon into the food abyss so I have more work to do.
Have a great week!

White Rose Boy said...

Well done thats a good loss in one week. Keep up the good work.

Chubbymum said...

Here in NZ we are watching the american one and it motivates me like you wouldn't believe but I get soooo angry by the end of the hour because I don't want it to stop and have to wait another week for it to come on again grrrrrr.


Chubbymum said...

P.S Woohooooo on the weight loss my friend that is so so so so so great.

Love CM

Rebecca said...

I need to get on board with all of you with the weight loss enthusiasm.

Glad you are working things out for you on the losing end.

Keep up the good work.

CactusFreek said...

I get a lot out of TBL too. Damien is my fav contestant. He's huge and yet he's a work out machine!
David from the last Aus series was nearly as big, but much more of a quitter. I'm 175 kilos and i use that mass figure as a cop out sometimes. If Damien can move like a man possessed at 216 kilos, then I sure as heck can do a bit more, being 40 kilos lighter!
I really want him to win the show. The night he gets voted out [if he does] you'll hear me screaming from there! lol

the veggie paparazzo said...

Wow! That's a serious loss.

I'm Fat said...

Not sure how the dog would have tasted, but great job on your loss!

Chubbymum said...

Girl that is a FANBLOODYTASTIC loss you should be soooo proud of yourself.

You can do this hun! You know you can.

Love CM

Oral said...

Congrad on the loss! Be Proud!

Spider63 said...

Feeling positive is great. I need to get back there. I can tell when I am negative as if I watch a show like the Biggest Loser I wonder if they would run faster if The Terminator where there shooting at them. It would certainly make for a more interesting show.

Survivor Island would also be more fun if they were put on an island of cannibals.

Rebecca said...

You are not making your rounds....