Wednesday 14 February 2007


I went on a bender yesterday. A food bender. I ate so much crap yesterday I felt physically sick this morning. My reason? I had decided to get back on track and chose Wednesday as my start day.So I do what I do every other time I decide to diet - consume all my favourite things as a last hurrah.It is a pathetic excuse I know and believe me I am suffering for it today.Why do I do this, is it because I view healthy eating as a deprivation? Probably. I decided to fess up as I need to be honest with myself if I'm going to succeed.I have also decided to resume what I was doing last year food wise - which is basically count the calories again - 1500 per day. I just couldn't get myself organised with the Weight Watcher thingy, it is a good programme but not for me.So that's that its over now I must move on. I have adjusted my tracker to show my gain - it's a 4kg(8.8lbs) gain since my lowest weight if 121kg(266lbs) before Xmas.Oey Vie!

On a lighter note, Spiders back - Yah! Our stalker tactics worked girls! lol


CactusFreek said...

So Spider gave in to our girlish charms? lol
I understand about the binging, but everytime i do it, i find i want less crap. I'm actualy warming to good food. In Dr Phils book [The ultimate weight loss salution], he talks about that. The more we eat a food, we actualy start to prefer it. I didn't really think that was possible with salad stuff, but it's really working for me :o)
If i was going to pig out on anything rediculously, it would be fresh, warm, cinamin donuts..mmmmm

Spider63 said...

Hey! This morning after an overnight shift, I sat down to watch Gunsmoke on TVLand. Of course, I ate a protein bar with a glass of milk. Then I had a tunafish sandwich. Then I cooked scrambled eggs with melted cheese. Then I microwaved some pizza rolls. Then I ate another protein bar, feeling that if I had a protein bar it would make things better.

Now am I depressed? Hell no. Time to start over. I know I can do it, and you can too. Just think positive. Get it done now.

Spider63 said...

Did I mention that Gunsmoke was a show that I used to watch as a kid? I guess I need to bypass TV in the morning after an overnight shift.

White Rose Boy said...

I reckon we are all guilty of requiring a binge sometimes. Its what we do next thats important.

celtic_girl said...

Cactus, you are right with wanting less crap after bingeing, Iv'e noticed that. I'm reading Dr Phil as well, he has a lot of good points.

Spider,with an attitude like that your sure to succeed.My fav show as a kid was Gilligans Island and The Munsters!

Mick,Yes getting back on wagon is what really counts.

angelfish24 said...

Sometimes we get off track and do a binge or just the wrong choices for a while, I did it too. But you will get back to healthy eating when you get sick of the crap food. We all will have slip ups in the future too, it's just the way it is for me and for lots of others.
Hey, I liked Gilligans Island too and munsters and also brady bunch and sometimes partridge family.