Friday 9 February 2007


I have deliberately been staying away from blogging. All I seem to be doing lately is moan and wallow in my own self pity. I can imagine it is getting a bit tedious to everyone who takes time to read my posts.I know I'm sick of hearing it.

I went back to the gastroenterologist yesterday to be told I have a severe case of Ulcerative Colitis. I suppose the good thing is now I know why I have been feeling like crap. He showed me a some pictures he took and I must say they are pretty gross (from a medical point of view).I asked if he could examine me with his other hand - as I wanted a "second opinion". I thought that was hilarious - he didn't!

So what are my treatment options:-

1) Major dose of steroids
2) Course of sulphur medication
3) If all else fails - surgery (and a colostomy) yikes!!

I opted for no 2 to start with as I am already on steroids- though a low dose and do not wish to risk the side effects like MAJOR WEIGHT GAIN and loss of bone density( I had a bad run a few years ago with stress fractures - 5 in the right foot and two in the left).

I posted the Johnny Cash song in honour of how my colon is feeling now. When I was nursing I used to play this for all my patients who had their haemorrhoid's done - they all hated me as laughing was painful.

Oh, and I've also changed my avatar, Cactus made this for me - isn't she great! It's very fitting at the moment don't you think?


Spider63 said...

My wife has diverticulitis, and I suggest that you follow your docotor's advice to the letter and take care of yourself if you want to avoid serious surgery. These type of illnesses can be cured if you follow directions. Or they can become major health problems.

Wanna_B_slim said...

oh shit...oops..sorry bad choice of words.....;o)
I feel for you...
Been down that track ... wondering what the hell was wrong with my system..oh live with it they say....its just irratable bowel... yeah yeah... try Gluten intollerance ya idiots.... at least mine wasnt as ikky as yours...sorry to hear of the outcome...
Take it easy and definitely follow dr's orders...

White Rose Boy said...

I don't think any of us find your blog tedious at all. Just a real person writing abbout real issues, thats why we read and comment.

celtic_girl said...

Spider, my mom has it too and yes I agree with you I will take to Dr's advice seriously.

Wanna, rofl!!Thanks

Mick,thankyou - you are such a gentleman.

CactusFreek said...

Hey Spider63, where's our stinkin invite ya snob?!?!

Celtic Girl, all that sounds very painful *wince* And for what it's worth, i thought the "2nd opinion" hand thing was very funny! lol
I never thought you're posts were tedious, allthough i think we all think the same thing when we have the same run of downer posts.
I'm with WRB, if we thought you were dull, we wouldn't be here :o)
Hang on a minute.....I've lost a few regular commenters on my blog. Maybe it's ME who should be paranoid!! lol

celtic_girl said...

Cactus, lol your posts are never dull