Tuesday 1 May 2007


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Today is going to be a danger day - I can feel it. I feel like I just want to gorge myself until I explode like the scene in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life. I'm in danger of sabotaging my near perfect week. I've had a loss by the scales today, tomorrow is my official weigh in day and I do not want to undo all the good I have done. What to do, what to do???

First I'm going to fill my water bottle up and have a long drink, then I'm going to have to play some tactical mind games, tape my gob shut. I will check in later to let you know how I'm going.

Well I have lasted till lunch. I have drank 1litre of water so far and only eaten my designated snacks. I am having my lunch now, so all has been good - so far! Thanks Chris, I went to the Ladies (I'm at work) and had a chuckle as I thought of what you said in your last comment. I didn't do it of course, but I got a mental picture EEWWW! You never know my employers might have a hidden camera in the loo - lol! Will post later after the danger time of 3pm.

I made it, after a lot of water, self talk, some drama at work and a walk , I managed to stave off the food cravings. I've just finished my dinner and feel satisfied. Oi Vie ! What a day. The drama at work was shocking in itself. A lady I work with got served with a AVO (Apprehended Violence order) at work by another employee of the company I work for. OMG! we just cannot believe it. They had a bit of a verbal argument 2 weeks ago,(which I did not witness) which she claims she was threatened and bullied and it has stemmed from that. How petty and how low can you go. Of course my co-worker will be defending it but she has to go through all the stress and upset of appearing in court etc etc. It shows to me you really do not know your fellow worker - I am still coming to terms with the shock of it. I wouldn't be surprised if this is only the beginning.
Anyhow, I will be weighing in tomorrow and will post the results - so finger crossed. Thanks to everyone for all your support and comments.


Chris H said...

Stip naked right now and stand in front of the mirror... full length if possible... then ask yourself "Am I happy with my figure"? then leave the bloody food alone! You are the only one who can do this, no one force feeds and adult... see you soon !

Livy said...

Busy, busy, busy... stay busy. Remind yourself that food is solely fuel...nothing else. You are NOT depriving yourself, you are depriving yourself when you give in to what you want to eat. Stay strong. You are a powerful person. Breathe deeply and say "I am powerful, strong and motivated, and I WILL NOT sabotage all the hard work I have done by binging."Read this out to yourself several times. Hang on... minute by minute. I BELIEVE in you!! Remember that the food will only taste good until you swallow it, after that it's over.. yet the fat yellow blubber sticks...

CactusFreek said...

Plan how you will combat the 3pm danger zone!
You've done really well. Nibble on some dried fruit and nuts.
And i'm with Livy, stay busy!
Stability, stability Celtic Girl!

VegasGirl said...

LoL. I read this post, read Chris' comment and then had a mental picture of myself at work stripping down. HAHAHA.

I hope you got through the day with everything going well. We're all here to encourage you!!!

Christine said...

Water, water, water - keep up the good work!

Linda said...

WOW! Your colleague being Served with an AVO.
The way I would look at a problem is, we all have to work together so try to get on with each other and not serve AVO's that just disrupts things further and certainly causes more bad feelings and can cause more bad feelings and tension throughout the work force.
As you say, this is probably only just the beginning.
I'm sure there would have been a way around the problem no matter how bad....that is just nasty serving an AVO

I'm sure things could have been sorted in a variety of other ways, I feel sorry for your colleague being served with this.

Okay, I've said my piece...heehee

HEY! Well done for staying on track today....fab!

Oh! Pink n Whites...Pink n Whites are pink n white marshmallow sandwiched between two wafers and are only 0.5pt but the more you eat in one day they do actually increase in points, i.e.

1 = 0.5pts
2 = 1.5pts
3 = 2pts
and so on

Good luck with yout weigh in tomorrow, I will check back to see how well you have done.


Spider said...

Good job! Work drama is tough to beat.