Wednesday 16 May 2007


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Well, I have done it again. After working so hard and using the "tough love" approach to weight loss, I have undone all the hard work and had a gain this week of 1.4kg (3lbs)bringing me over the 120kg mark AGAIN!

I decided I was going to have a diet free Mother's Day and eat what I felt like, with all intentions of eating moderately. I ate moderately alright, for myself and half of the third world.

It has confirmed to me what I already knew, I just can't trust myself with the evil substance. The everything in moderation just doesn't work for me, once I get the taste I'm a goner. Total abstinence is the only way for me. I am now vowing myself to food chastity!

The exercise is also a no goer at the moment because my hip and butt are still giving me trouble. BUT no excuses,I take full responsibility for my actions and have learnt from the experience. AMEN!


Rachel said...

Doesn't it sux how quickly we can put it on but it takes FOREVER to take it off???? What is THAT about??

Hope you have a better week this week :)

Chubbymum said...

Hun... proud of you... it is hard to admit to gaining and will lose it again... so don't fear.

Back on track this week and you and me are gonna do it!!!

Love ya
p.s love the picture

Livy said...

I'm hearing ya honey, you are not alone. I have also had my weight go up again.. sux doens't it? I bloody well deserved it though!

angelfish24 said...

I know what you mean by abstinence. For me it's some carbs (breads, etc.) and sugar. They get me craving more! So I'm trying more protein and salads and the like and the cravings have really almost stopped! Hope I'm on to something.
I wish you luck on your wt loss journey. I know it is so hard but hang in there and have a good week! You can do this!

CactusFreek said...

Poor thing! :o(
I'm the same as you, i can't just eat things in moderation. If i open a pack of something overly yummy, my will power to only a eat a few will only last for as long as it takes to only eat the few! lol

It's gotta get better when you can get back into exercise. Try and find the video, Denise Austins non-aerobic work out. You can do a lot of that sitting down :o)

Spider said...

I gained a few pounds this week too. Just don't worry about it and focus on today and today's food.

Christine said...

Dear lord, where did you find that picture? Snicker. Get back on track, you'll be okay. :)

White Rose Boy said...

Get back on track straight away and you will get straight back to where you were.

Half Man said...

Hang in there. Don't give up. That gain is now in the past. Here and now, you can turn things around. =)

Rebecca said...

How did you find my picture??? I think I've put on another 50 since that was taken.

As Mick would say awww Bloody Hell!

I LOVE food! I HATE exercise. Hence, I do believe I am doomed!