Tuesday 8 May 2007


Thanks for all your comments re my last post.

I have been using a new oil my mother told me about, she saw a segment on the TV where people were having wonderful results with. Being the skeptic I am, I always think most of the benefit when using these products is actually the massaging component. It has to be massaged in twice a day and they offer a money back guarantee if there is no improvement.

Hubby got relegated the job to rub it into my butt cheeks - lucky bugger!! lol. It's a job he hates and I must admit he's not very good, but does a better job than me as it's hard to reach. He laughs when I close the kitchen venetians as for anyone seeing it, this is the picture they would get.
Me with my strides at half mast, butt cheeks exposed , leaning over a bench with him standing behind me using a rubbing action. I can see now the look on my daughters face when she came in from outside the first time. A look of sheer horror followed by an immense sense of relief. ROFLMAO!!!

I had a massage last night and it was quite sore but this morning is worse and I had to have the day off work as I can't even put my weight on it. So I've taken some heavy duty pain killers and am hoping it's OK for me tomorrow as Wednesday is a busy day for me. I know when I've had physio before it always makes it worse before it makes it better, so I'm hoping that's the case here.

I'm a bit annoyed this is going to curb my exercise (is this really me saying that!) as I was starting to get into a routine and was actually enjoying it.( miracle of miracles) I don't know if I will be able to weigh in tomorrow as I couldn't stand with two feet on the scales this morning long enough for a recording, so if I don't post a weight tomorrow you'll know why.

I think I would have been better sticking to the cat massage as the following picture shows

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Chubbymum said...

That is such a cute kitty cat!

It is frustrating when you finally like doing something and you can't do it...

I hope the pain is more bearable now.

Thank you for your support today... I do really appreciate it.

Love Chubbymum

Christine said...

Huh? What did you say? I am too distracted with the thought of your hubby rubbing your tushie. Ha. Hope you are feeling better real soon!

CactusFreek said...

Your hubby doesn't enjoy massaging your butt? So he's not a butt man?
The thought of the look on your daughters face is really funny! lol
So has your hip just gone from bad to worse or what? A few days ago you were able to stand on it ok, and today you can't. Something isn't broken? Did you get an x-ray?

Linda said...

Love the cat blummin hurts when they do that clawing


Linda said...

Oh forgot to say...RE-COMMENT painting is coming in big time over here also but I need all my walls skimmed to be able to paint them although they aren't bad infact they are very good considering my house is nearly 60 years old but they would need skimming so I have decided to just put wallpaper on and it works out that I have less mess which is a major plus.


Livy said...

Shit, your poor back! I am so lucky that I dont' have pain. LMAO at your possie in the kitchen with the neighbors watching!! I would say it would be better than a stick mag! Aren't men funny? The only time David ever gives me a massage is when he wants a nookie!!