Tuesday 30 October 2007


I'm no longer a bee's dick away from the teens. It's looking more like a camel's dick at the moment.

I went to a 50th birthday bash on the weekend, it was fully catered, I will say no more, I had to be rolled out of the house. I had good intentions of staying on track Sunday and Monday,but failed at the 8pm mark,on both occasions. Gotta work extra hard tonight to get over the hump.

I'm not going to weigh in tomorrow as I know there will be a gain, so like Christine, I'm giving myself a "pass" from weigh in this week, only for this week no matter how my week goes.

I am going to requisition a vodka cooler as I am going to need it over the next four weeks, hell I need it now. Work is extremely busy at the moment and my assistant has just gone on leave for one month ( The Biatch !!!!! lol).

We are spending this weekend by the water, a nice unit overlooking the harbour, about an hours drive, it will be a nice change of scenery. Only problem is they have forcasted rain, here we are in a drought and it decides to rain when we get a chance to go away- figures!!!!


Half Man said...

I hope you enjoyed the bash. Now that the party is over, I am sure you will get past the camel's and bee's thingies...just be careful aroung those things.

angelfish24 said...

Sorry to hear about the camels d#ck away. Hope your week goes better.
If they had a water cooler like that at work, everyone would gather around the water cooler and the office would get fun that's for sure.

Chris H said...

I sympathise.. I had a huge gain... worst ever I reckon. Hope it does not rain....

Iron-Man said...

Good girl, but avoid the drinkee-winkee or you will not be losing any weight.

On the other hand, it is amazing to me that most alkys are skinny. I guess they don't eat any food.

Nona said...

I love that vodka cooler. Every establishment should have one. I needed one yesterday. Don't let the stress at work over the next four week create havoc with your food,

Have a nice time this weekend. Hopefully they're wrong about the rain.