Thursday 6 December 2007


Yes, you are reading this correctly, the 2nd post in 2 days, must be a record. lol!

I'm trying to take my mind of food. I've got one of my "headaches", you know the ones where you what to eat anything and everything, particularly sweet and sugary. I am feeling a little desperate and have been scouring the cupboards. I've even contemplated opening up the cooking chocolate I've got that's how desperate I feel.

I will do my best to abstain as I know after I have scoffed it down, I will feel worse than I do now.

I'm posting a photo of my dog Oscar, it's his way of telling me he wants to play ball, pleading me with those googly eyes of his. I reckon he's taking his life in his own hands or paws I should say, sticking his head there, with the risk of getting lost in the vortex!!! ha ha ha

He's cute, the last photo looks like a promotional shot, you know the ones actors have at their agencies. Don't you just love the paw on my foot.

I'm off now, going to make myself a cup of tea - Twinings! Yes please.


Chubbymum said...

Man that dog is soooo cute.. look at the pose he he he

Love Chubbymum

Chris H said...

LEAVE the chocolate mate, I can vouch for it... it does not make you feel any better. And yep, your dog is taking his life in his paws putting his head there!

Chris H said...


Nona said...

Cute doggy. The second shot definitely looks as though he is media savvy. LOL!!!

I have been going through the chocolate thing as well. Urrrrr! But I think it's a much better treat reading 2 posts from you in 2 days. :O

Meow Meow said...

Yep. I too am a chocolate addict.

You should send that second photo in to a doggie contest or something. It is priceless. It should be covering dog food promotions and commercials!

I'm happy to see 2 posts!!! Keep it up!

CactusFreek said...

lol I couldn't take that photo. My gut is practicaly being held up by my knees! lol.....

.....That's not funny really....

But the photo is! :o)

Christine said...

Those pugs have so much personality! Would love to have one some day! Torn between the pug and a boston terrier though - ha.