Wednesday 19 December 2007


Well my family gathering went well, a good time was had by all.It was a little disappointing the day was overcast and rained, but at least it was not stinking hot.

Here's a piece of useless trivia I learnt from my Aunty. We have a beach named after my family in New Zealand. My maternal grandfather (from Scottish parents) was born in NZ. Seems the family were early settlers in the area. We still have relatives in NZ with my grandads cousin who is 98 (god bless her) still alive. I would really like to meet her.

I stuck to my plan and had what I wanted, which really was not a great deal,but unfortunately the scales did not think so and I faced an upward movement of 2 kilos of which I have already dropped 1 kg. It really makes you think is it worth the hassle of breaking the diet. I mean it takes a good 3-4 weeks for me to drop that weight but only 1 freaking day to bung it back all on - really pisses me off.

I suppose I have to add in all the "tastings" I'm doing as well. I've been baking things like White Chocolate and Macadamia cookies, Rocky Road (orgasmic!! - lol) and Fruit Mince Pies, so I have to admit sampling all of them.

We'll have to see how I handle my next "bust out" day.

Today I spent 12 hours at work doing all the Xmas wages, boy what a day could almost turn me to the drink. I'm keeping my fingers crossed all are correct.Two more days to go then 2 weeks off - yippee!!!!


Christine said...

What an amazing picture! How often can you get these precious memories and all these people in one spot!? You look really happy! Thanks so much for sharing and thanks so much for your thoughtful words on my blog. :)

White Rose Boy said...

Don't worry about the weight until next year just enjoy the festive season.
Nice Picture there is a lot of you.

Chris H said...

What a gorgeous family photo. I'm with you on the weight yo-yo. so sick of it!!!!

Nona said...

I am really glad you had this moment with your extended family and were able to catch up on family history.

It is true that the weight goes on much more easily than it comes off. I hope I don't have too much of a gain after this holiday.

So you will be off for 2 weeks. Yippeeeee!!! You sooooooooooo deserve it.


Tania said...

What's with that whole 2 weeks to lose 1 day to gain thing? It drives me crazy at the best of times!

Glad to hear you had fun - enjoy your holidays, hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Ironside said...

You have a really nice looking family!! Glad everything went well.

CactusFreek said...

Gee what a big family you have! What beach is named after your family name?
You'll know soon enough if the wages aren't correct. The duped person will let you know!!
We don't celebrate many events during the year, so don't get down on yourself for gaining. I know it sucks that the weight finds us a lot sooner and faster than we lose it though.
I've taken to watching skinny people at festivities. Watching how they eat, what they eat etc. I'm trying to learn from them.
2008 is a new you [as you said] and i for one will keep you to that! :o)

Meow Meow said...

Two weeks off...I get that in 2.5 hours....can i count the minutes for you or me???

I hope all of your tallies come out right.

The picture you will cherish forever!! I need to take more family pictures this next week.

I used to take lots of pics in college and have gradually declined over the years..... shame on me.

Enjoy a snack or two. = )

Lyn said...

Isn't it amazing what we can find out about our history! I find it fascinating!!

Hope Christmas and New Year is fun for ya!!