Friday 7 December 2007


Tonight my daughter Alexandra is off to her school formal. We have spent the day going to the hairdressers where she had her hair coloured and cut and then to the beautician's who did her makeup for her.

She was very excited and I must say looked lovely in her new outfit, it brought a tear to my eye. As she is in year 10 this is really a practise run for the major one which will take place at the end of her senior year in 2009.

It's times like these when you wonder where did all the years go.


Chris H said...

WOW Kerry, she sure looks like BOTH you and the hubby!!! Very very pretty girl, you must be so proud. Hope she's a nice teenager? And where did the years go .... I can relate to that! My eldest is almost 29!!!

CactusFreek said...

She looks lovely!!

I wonder about where the time goes all the time!
There was a book writtin a couple of years ago called, The blue day book. In it the auther said, "Spend every day as if it's your last, Because one day it will be." That had quite an impact on me, and now i try to live life according to that quote :o)

White Rose Boy said...

She looks really nice, must have inherited it from her Mum.

angelfish24 said...

Your daughter is so cute. I bet has fun getting all dressed up. I remember how happy I was back at that age and think, what happened. ha.
Your dog is a doll, I want one!

Nona said...

Abba, your child is simply beautiful. What good taste she has as well. The haircut, the dress, the shoes. She looks every part the sophisticated little lady. I hope she had a wonderful time.

Hey, the Christmas tree is lovely too. You did a good job!