Wednesday 5 December 2007


Yesterday was the sentencing hearing for my brothers workplace fatality in relation to his employers, as they put in a guilty plea. My husband and I took my parents into the city. As they had pleaded guilty I thought we would have some closure on this. I was mistaken, we sat through two hours of deliberation from both the defense and the prosecution. The defense offered up all these reasons why the judge should be lenient in his decision, of how they paid for and attended the funeral, of them only being a small family business and even trying to wrangle out of their duty of care in relation to adequate training, by saying they only employed people with learning difficulties and that is why they only gave verbal training and not written training. What a crock of shit! The latter really upset us all, as it was implied my brother was illiterate. Yeah they contributed to the part of the funeral expenses and only after I spoke to them about it.So after all that, we have to wait for the judges decision which we were told may be by February next year, or he may wait until the trial is over for the manufacturers of the machine which starts in Feb 08.

I have taken the week off work as I did not know how long this was going to take, also because I feel so tired out I didn't think I could last until the Chrustmas holidays. Christmas is really such an anti climax these days, for the last couple of years I just seems to come and go in the blink of an eye.

Today I spent the day spring cleaning and putting up the Christmas tree and decorations. It's a job I hate the thought of but something well worth the effort as I really love my tree.


White Rose Boy said...

I'm sorry the court case is dragging on like this I can't start to imagine what you and your family are going through. Try to stay strong you have my deepest sympathy.

A week off will do you good I reckon you need a break.

The Christmas tree looks good.

Nona said...

I was wondering what was happening with the case but didn't want to pry. Thanks for updating us. I am so sorry this is being dragged out.

It is hard to accept responsibility when we have injured others but an absolute necessity. I hate when people try to wrangle out of their wrongdoing instead of being honourable. It must be so upsetting for you and your family. I empathise greatly.

I am glad you took that week off especially considering how pissy your boss was being about it. Where has our humanity gone? Why is productivity/money more important than life?

I know what you mean about Christmas being anti-climactic. It always had been for me. Even in childhood. So much hype and unfulfilled expectation. I am determined to have a good one this year though.

Your tree looks wonderful. Looking at it is lifting my mood.


Meow Meow said...

Well your tree is fabulous!
It really is pretty.

I hope you manage to get some sleep and time for relaxation while you are off.

I am sorry your court difficulties are taking forever. I hope you get some resolve sooner than later.

Ironside said...

I am very sorry that you have to go through all this in addition to the suffering that you have already been through.

Did your family get a chance to speak to the judge and explain what happened? Can you send the judge a letter? Can your brothers friends and family send letters to the judge (for the record) to let him know what your loss has been and why you think punishment is merited??

It may help you to look into this so that the judge is aware of all sides to the situation (if it is appropriate).

CactusFreek said...

Unfortunatly these court cases are harsh. Each side wants the best for their client :o(

The tree is lovely! Better than my sock tree lol

Chris H said...

Bummer about the court case dragging out... and I love your tree... very pretty. I posted a photo of mine too!!! Just today.

the veggie paparazzo said...

How frustrating in the trial about your brother. I really feel for you that you and your family are having to go through that.