Sunday 23 December 2007


I was looking at some old photos and have handpicked some taken over the years which are my favourites.

My all time favourite of my two brothers and I. I always get a laugh when I look at this photo. As was usual back then it was a stinking hot day and we were about to get under the water sprinklers.

I think I was about 3 in this photo. I know this because I was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis at 3 and if you look at the middle finger on my left hand you will notice how swollen it is as that's where it all started.

Still sitting on Santa's knee with some school friends at 18. I think we certainly made this Santa's day. I distinctly remember him having a bit of a feel!! lol!!

Taken on Christmas Day on my mothers front lawn, My daughter was three, isn't she a cutie. (I'm biased of course!)

My previous dog, Page who has now passed. I used to put this hat on him every Christmas and take him with me when handing out the neighbours gifts. Such a beautiful dog, had such a placid temperament. Very quiet and content to sit at my feet, unlike the Master of Disaster I have now. Fat chance of me even getting that hat remotely near my current dog, Oscar!


Tania said...

Aren't those precious memories just the best? Let's hope there will be new ones made for you this Christmas - hope you and your family have a fabulous day.

Chris H said...

I love looking at old family photos, they are precious. And sad too cos you get to see all the family members who have passed.... but still nice to revisit them. I wish you a VERY MERRY CHISTMAS mate!

Nona said...

Such lovely photos. I really loved the one of you and your two brothers. Very cute!!! Thanks for sharing your trip down memory lane with us.

CactusFreek said...

You were very cute as a kid!
Do you do scrapbooking? That's a good way to keep precious memories [Also very addictive and expensive!]
That santa in the second photo looks like he REALLY didn't want to be there! lol

Ironside said...

I like the old family photos and stories too. I will have to dig some up!