Wednesday 5 March 2008


Today's the day - yay!!!!

Faced the scales this morning have weighed in at a whopping 128.6kg!!!. So I have had a monumental gain of roughly 10kg (22lbs) - not good at all.

I must accept this and move on from here. Beating myself up over this is not going to do any good,rather the reverse. I have to learn how to forgive myself and more importantly, like myself if I'm going to beat this.

So far this morning I am allowed the following

2 slices Ham
1 small egg
2 slices grain bread
5 dried apricots
1 orange

I had the egg, 1 slice ham and 1 toast and the orange for breakfast and am saving the other slice of toast and ham with the apricots for my mid morning snack.

Lunch is a small serve of chilli chicken on a salad with a small bread roll and a nectarine.

I find I do better and am not so hungry when I break down my meals into 3 meals with 3 snacks.

For the firsat time in a while I'm feeling optimistic!!


Chris H said...

Good on you for facing the music and then getting right back on track! I am sure I have gained that much in the last few months too!!! Emotional eating eh? Bugger it all, if you can get back on track so should I... but I keep saying "When I get to Auckland"!!!

Anne said...

Hard to face the scales, but once done it's all downhill from there! That's so good you are feeling optimistic:-)

Lyn said...

It's never too late to turn over a new leaf! You did it sooner than me ... I waited till I piled on 50kgs before I got back on the wagon! Good on you, today is a new day!!

White Rose Boy said...

Facing the Scales (Facing the Truth)is the only way forward. Its now how you deal with this that really matters you can't change your mistakes but you can start again. Good Luck.

angelfish24 said...

Glad to hear you are feeling good and you faced the scales. How's that saying go, 'the rest of your life starts today.'

Nona said...

So glad you've gotten your groove back. :) I hate scales with a passion, they never show me what I want to see even when I'm being very good with my food.

I am so glad you are feeling optimistic. I really think state of mind is so important to success. Sounds as though you have identified a food plan that works for you as well and that is equally important.

That regain is going to drop in no time. Keep putting one foot in front the other.


Meow Meow said...

Why does weight come on so damn easily and leave with such a struggle?

Mel said...

hey there :)

i know how u feel my starting was similar to urs and last year i got down to 121, but then went crazy and went back up to 135!! back into it now and goin down again!!

Keep up the great work and the scales will soon be moving in the right direction :)

take care