Tuesday 4 March 2008


Thank god, today I'm getting my food delivery.It's been a long, long week I can tell you. I know tomorrow I will wake up tomorrow with an enormous sense of relief knowing I will have some semblance of control again.

I must admit my self destructing behaviour over the past few weeks has alarmed me. I have never been this bad before and felt like I had no control whatever.Frankly it has scared the "bejesus" out of me.

I found this picture and thought it suited my problem


CactusFreek said...

The picture is very acurate! We tend to get weighed down by our own self-induced baggage :o(
But you didn't stay there, and you are clawing your way out. That's the main thing because that makes you a winner! :o)

angelfish24 said...

I hope you like the meal plan. I keep thinking I can start losing again and then I don't. I need to quit procrastinting too as it's getting so old going up a few pounds and down a few pounds.

Here's to a lighter and healthier version of us by the end of the year!

Chris H said...

All the best getting control again mate... Hope the food is great!

Nona said...

Hey, how dare you put a picture of my studio up on your blog. LOL!!!

Boy do I identify with this post. I have been there toooooo many times in my life.

It is so hard to take care of one's nutrition if you have no time and you are stressed. I think this idea of yours to have the food delivered is a great. One less thing to worry about and the convenience of having good choices on hand. Excellent!!!