Tuesday 11 March 2008


Well I have managed to stay on track and hound the nasty sugar cravings away. I am encouraged by the fact I have some control over the evil monster. I am surprised though just how much stress I have created for myself.

I had a panic attack yesterday, my first in ages. I started having them in my early 20's, my Nana had just died and I was sitting my final nursing exams. When I got the first one like all sufferers, I thought I was having a stroke and was going to die. Once I had them "diagnosed" I learnt how to handle them and keep them at bay.

They are clever little beasts these panic attacks, they are like a virus,when they come across a barrier or defense mechanism they mutate and change their plan of attack.Mine did that yesterday,I was at work and thankfully it only lasted for a few minutes and I was able to regain control.

For anyone who has ever suffered from anxiety it's the pits.I don't mean normal, everyday anxiousness but full throttled, in your face anxiety,where it impacts on your quality of life and determines everything little thing you do on a daily basis.

I find meditating helps me and also the big one - exercise, also helps enormously,I just have to work something out where I can make the time to do it - another thing which adds to the anxiety, as I start feeling guilty about dropping the ball in one area to support something else.

On a lighter note, weigh in day tomorrow, I have lost I can feel it,I'm not feeling as bloated as I did, so I'm hoping for a good results as I need some good news I can tell you that!