Tuesday 20 January 2009


I spend most of the morning sulking with the thought of having to travel into town and have my first fill done in the Radiology Dept.

I rang them in the morning to reconfirm my appointment and make sure I did not have to do any special preparation. I was then told I would need to pay at the time of treatment and nearly fell off my chair when she said it will be $300.00 - FARKING HELL!

I was in complete shock and said is that The price for every fill - yes came the reply, so I am trying to calculate just how many of these things I would need and nearly had a coronary in the process.

The procedure in general went well, I was taken into the room and they put me under the machine to see where my port was. The I met the lovely Dr who explained everything in detail,after a local anaesthetic in my belly (which did not sting by the way)he put the needle straight in (no pain or discomfort) and put in the 4 mls my surgeon ordered.

I then had to swallow the clear dye that tastes like a mixture of camel piss and yaks droppings to see what the restriction was like,which turned out to be too loose.
So he put in another ml taking it up to 5ml, had another swallow, this time too much, as I was refluxing it back up my oesophagus.

So he tries 4.5ml, had another swallow and BINGO - Bobs your uncle.

He then told me to go down stairs to the cafe, have something solid to eat and if I had any trouble to come straight back, suffice to say my fruit salad was enjoyable and went down well.

So now I am the converted and think it was a very good $300.00 spent, because if it had of been done in the surgery by the surgeon without the X Ray machine I would probably have gone home without the required restriction or having to up chuck everything until I got it sorted.

I'm all for doing things once and not ten times, so all in all I'm happy with the outcome.

The restriction is great again, I had 1 salmon rissole with a extremely small salad and about 5 potato wedges (made with a spray of oil) and fitting nicely on a bread and butter plate.

So I'm back in the game

One thing the Dr told me never, never to do is try to bring up any food (PBing) he said it weakens the oesophagus and has seen many cases where people have split their oesophagus's and died or nearly died, pretty scary I must admit.

I am all enthused again and rearing to go - WHOOPIEEEEEE!!!


Tania said...

FANTASTIC NEWS!!! It's definitely about time something went your way, great to hear you sounding optimistic.

Nola said...

Pleased to hear the fill went well. I can't wait until my next one to feel that restriction again!!

SuMarie said...

I am glad to hear all is well. It sounds as though it could be very stressful, but you handled it!

Mick said...

$300 that sounds expensive, parking is always a rip off.

Now your for your next post you could explain how you know what Camels Piss & Yaks droppings taste like ?, lol

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

I am so glad it is going so well.. The PB ing sounds terrible!
Bummer about $300 per fill tho!
Oh and I am with Mick.. how do you know what Camels piss and Yak droopings taste like>?

Carlton said...

I'm so pleased the fill went well....