Monday 26 January 2009


Weighed in this morning at 118.4kg which is a loss of 1.2kg for the week.

The restriction from my fill last week was not what I expected. Although it has cut back the quantity of food I'm able to eat, it has not stopped me thinking about food all time.

According to the lapband bible, its supposed to provide a level of satiety where you don't even think about food.

My answer to that is BOLLOCKS!!!! lol!

Ok, I know this is my first fill and the tweaking takes some time.

I'm constanting thinking what delicacy I can have next, suppose this is proof I have not eaten out of sheer hunger in the past but am a taste eater, savouring the flavours and textures good food brings.

For anyone that thinks a Lapband or WLS is the easy way out it's not I can assure you. You still have to have the motivation and do the hard yards to make it work. It has not miraculously turned my taste buds off all the high fat/high sugar crap I used eat and still crave.

Having said that I'm not sorry for having the procedure, just learning things along the way. Apart from the cravings the other big hurdle I have is my perception of what I can eat now compared to what I ate - quantity wise.

For example a pre Lapband lunch would be a sandwich made from turkish bread 4 inches thick with filling,a tub of yoghurt and a can of pepsi.

The reality now is I couldn't manage half of the sandwich let alone anything else, but I still have this perception it is not enough. I tend to overfill my plate and when I'm full I stop eating, then go back to it and pick it till it's all gone and I feel uncomfortable.

I think my combat strategy will have to be once I've had enough get up straight away and throw out the leftovers so I don't pick.

I have had a few minor problems with reflux since the fill, though it has only happened when I had some extra fat, like butter on my toast or after 2 squares of chocolate, so in one way it's good I have reacted that way as it will make me think twice about having the naughty stuff.

Today is Australia Day - my daughter and I went to see the movie Australia at the movies but alas it was booked out - I was disappointed, so we had to settle for Twilight. My daughter is a huge fan and has read all the books, this was her third time.The movie was good it kept me entertained, I might even start reading the books myself once I get through my Xmas pressie's. I'm about to start the Dawn French bio -Dear Fatty which I'm looking forward to.

Any way that all for today tomorrow is work again - YUK!!


Chris H said...

Ha ha, you girls all think I only ever go shopping! Vegas indeed!
I'm glad you are finally working out your restrictions with the band!

Nola said...

I am reading Dear Fatty at the moment...brilliant!
I is still hard work and I am STILL constantly thinking about food. I have my third fill next's hoping :)

Carlton said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. Your going along so well with losing weight....

Tania said...

Nothing worth having comes easy huh? Good to hear you're learning the boundaries of the lap band, just takes time! Congrats on the 1.2kg loss too.

CactusFreek said...

Being overweight is not just about eating to much, it's about our relationship with food. I think that's where the "lap band people" stuff up. You should be provided with counciling afterward to help with the mental stuff.
I'm with you, i love tastes and textures :o)

SuMarie said...

Well, you are certainly doing a great job! I don't think I will ever do that procedure, but I do know someone else who has. She looks fantastic! Keep up the great work!

Mick said...

Like most of us, I like enjoy food so I imagine you can still crave with the lap band but it'll tell you when to stop.

Happy Aussie Day

Michelle said...

Hi I have just found your blog and look forward to following your progress :O)