Sunday 11 January 2009


Time to fess up.

I have been playing food Russian Roulette trying all my old favourites seeing which ones I can tolerate and which ones I cant.

Fortunately most of the naughty ones I cannot tolerate,anything high in fat gives me bad stomach cramps and diarrhoea real bad.This I think is a result of my gallbladder surgery.

I am overdue for my first fill, as I'm getting hungrier by the day and feel I want to snack between meals. I see the Dr next Monday so I hope he gives the A'OK for my first fill.

Consequently I have gained some weight due to my "stupid cow" behaviour - 2.6kgs to be exact. I can tell you emphatically now I will be working hard to rectify and modify my "Stupid Cow" behaviour. I didn't go through all this shit to go back to how it was before.

So it's back to logging my food and sticking to 1200 calories - again.

If at first you don't succeed, give yourself a kick in the arse and start again!


Janene said...

Mooooo.... I have to confess that I have been a stupid cow too, trying old favourites to see if I can tolerate them, or finding low sugar/low fat substitutes. It's stupid really because it's just extra calories that my body doesn't need! Old habits sure are hard to break eh. Don't be too hard on yourself, I'm sure the weight will start falling off once you've had your first fill!

Chris H said...

Gallbladder removal does muck you around... I still get diarrhoea too.

Mick said...

Think you are definately right about the gall bladder surgery my Dad is having to watch what he eats.
I wouldn't worry about the weight increase this week, think with the lap band you'll soon be in a regime that sees the pounds drop off.
In fact only an opinion but I think you need to be careful about losing weight too fast as that can in itself cause inbalances in your system.
Take Care

Nola said... too:)

Tania said...

Don't be too tough on yourself - it's a learning curve and sadly those bad habits that got us to our heaviest weights don't go away as quickly as we'd like them to.

CactusFreek said...

Ooowwwwww Celtic-Girl :o/

Nona said...

You make me laugh!!! Listen don't feel too badly. Old habits die hard. You have been through so much in the past months that you have to give yourself some time for everything to settle down.

I hope things settle down soon.


SuMarie said...

Stupid Cow, eh? Love it! You are so funny. Good for you on getting back to the basics!

I had gall bladder surgery 13 years ago and still have the same problems. It never leaves you unfortunately. The best thing to do is stay away from the foods that make you have the diarrhea.

Keep up the great work! I am behind you all of the way!