Monday 19 January 2009


Had my post op (gallbladder) visit with the surgeon today who also did the gastric banding. Everything is going well, no cancer in my gallbladder (not that we thought that) just inflammation.

The incision in my belly button has not closed up,it's been like it for over a week now. I haven't mentioned it to anyone as I was quietly waiting(holding my breath) until I saw the surgeon, in case I had to go in again and have it closed surgically.

It's about 2cm wide and 6-7 cm deep,lucky for me it just involves the fascia (blubber).I have been flushing it out with normal saline, then packing it with gauze strips soaked in saline, as was the treatment back in the middle ages when I was nursing.

Anyone watching me would think they are watching a comedy act, standing in the bath in the buff, squirting a syringe in my navel, then running back to my room to start the dressing, semi lying on the bed trying to look over Twin Peaks and Mt Everest to see my navel,so I can stuff in the gauze, quite a sight I'm sure.

Anyway I must be doing something right as he complimented me on my work and said the wound was nice and clean and keep doing what I have been doing - amen!

I was pleased and relieved I had lost 3 kg's since my last visit as I was worried I would show a gain. I am though 1 kg down from my last home weight of last week.

I had to laugh as he asked me was I able to eat solid food like scrambled eggs!! I mean scrambled eggs were done and dusted beginning of week 3, I said yes with a smirk, then he asked me could I manage a sausage again I said yes, then he asked me what is the hardest food you can eat, I think he nearly fell off his chair when I said I can eat just about everything, even steak!!!

Yes, old cast iron guts strikes again!!!

I don't think I have seen anyone get his referral pad out as quick as he did to write me a referral for my first fill - very funny!

So I'm booked in tomorrow to have 4ml put in a 12.5 ml band, I am a bit disappointed that I gave to go elsewhere for the fills.They are done in the XRay Dept as they are done under Fluoroscope,then I have a Barium Swallow to check there are no leaks.

It's just a pain in the arse as I have to make a separate appointment and make another 1 1/2 hour trip to the city, not to mention the fact it will be additional cost as this mob charge like wounded bulls, no bulk billing here.

One good thing re the cost of all of this is I was not charged anything for my gallbladder surgery, they put it through as a "No Gap" procedure to my health insurance, so was relieved I didn't have to cough up another $2K.

Any way better go and psyche myself up for tomorrow, I must admit though I am looking forward to having some restriction again and losing some more blubber - wish me luck!!


Carlton said...

All the best for tomorrow. I'm sure it will go well...

Nola said...

You will be so pleased to get that fill !! That said, I have my third one coming up.....but it takes a bit of tweeking:) Good work with your home nursing! The old remedies and things are often the best, aren't they!? My surgeon just gets me to hop up on the bed...feels for the port....shoves the needle in...and Bob's your uncle!! No xray or anything like that!! Oh well..they are all sooooo different in their approaches to things!

SuMarie said...

Good luck and continue to get healthy!

angelfish24 said...

I hope it goes well for you tomorrow. And here to your continued wt loss and to your improved health!