Sunday 30 August 2009


We are having a battle with the insurance company,they don't want to fix the kitchen cupboards, they want to pay us a paltry amount and leave it up to us to organise a cabinetmaker to come in. Also if he charges more than they give us it is just bad luck, I'm, not happy and am going to look into it as this is one of the major insurers who have a "new for old" policy.

The carpets are all dry and salvagable, so the carpet people are coming tomorrow to replace the underlay,refit the carpets and give them a steam clean,so will be glad when that's done as there is crap all over the house and I hate mess and clutter.

On the weight loss front I have lost .900 grams (2 lbs) since I last weighed in and though not great it's a loss and to be frank I have been off and on with my eating all week.

It's my birthday on Wednesday - two years off from the big 50 which scares the crap out of me. Funny how we let numbers rule our lives - weight,age,bank balances! lol!
I'm really not one to hide my age but 50 is BIG for me I remember feeling the same when I turned 35 - ha!

Anyways better go and finish the weekend housework.

Sunday 16 August 2009


Came home Friday night to be greeted with the kitchen and family room 4 inches under water.

Seems the hose on one of the kitchen taps split and water was gushing out for at least 2.5 hrs,luckily all this room is tiled, but some water did get into the carpet in the loungeroom and one of bedrooms.

What a mess, I can tell you, we were all up till midnight mopping up floors, using towels to soak up the carpet and cleaning out the kitchen cupboards. I'm going to call the insurance company on Monday as we have water damage to the cupboards and my large rug I had in the family room is totally ruined. I'm also worried about the damp carpets as they are only three years old and I don't want any mildew to set in.

Yesterday I went to the races as our boy was running,we had a lovely lunch in the Members Stand with my mother,aunt and uncle but it was marred by me being tired from the previous nights episode, also the boy didn't win or place,he was top weight and it got the better of him. He did give it his best as always - such an honest horse, you can't ask for anything more than that.

Suffice to say I'm knackered today, joints and muscles aching like hell and Iv'e got a mountain load of ironing to do.

Food has been good, though I did have three courses and some champers yesterday - very nice indeed.

Thursday 13 August 2009


Well here it is - 116.8kg (256.9lbs),up by 3 kg's since the last time I recorded my weigh on this blog.

Not surprising for me BUT at least not to bad as preband it would probably be 10 kg's.

This morning I had 1 boiled egg and half a small pit pocket bread toasted with a cup of tea (will work out the calories later)and still feel very full after 2.5hrs

Lunch is some crackers with tuna,tomato and low fat mayo. I will post my cals later on here.

Pandora,your comment re my water intake - yes I agree with you I should be having 2 litres but since being banded I just cannot consume that quantity as it overfills my stomach and I then have some troubles with eating food. I will though try and work out ways to increase this maybe spreading out the drinking more as I tend to scull liquids all in one go , maybe should try sipping more frequently. And I also agree on the calories as well, as bodies go into starvation mode when calories are drastically reduced shutting down metabolism.


1 x boiled egg
1/2 Pita Pocket Bread
Skim Capp
Cals 214

Mood - good
Satiety - good

4 x 98% FF Premium Crackers
125g Tuna in S/Water
2tbsp Low fat Mayo
1 med tomato
Tea with S/Milk
Cals 312

Mood - Good
Satiey - Over Full & uncomforatble(Must try and not drink with meals)

Wednesday 12 August 2009


I watch a program from the UK on cable called Supersize v's Superskinny.

It's where two people are brought in for a weeks residential - one is grossly underweight and the other is grossly overweight.They then swap their normal diets for the week ie the superskinny gets to eat all the crap the overweight persons normally eats the the overweight person eats the minuscule portions of the superskinny.

It's interesting seeing what some people eat and in last night's episode the skinny person ate 800 calories a day and the obese one ate 4100 cals a day, for one meal alone she had 30 (yes thirty) sausage rolls, which made the skinny girl gag at the thought of it (must admit it made me gag as well).

After the week is finished they then get given diet sheets individually tailored and come back in 12 weeks for an assessment, it's quite an interesting show.

Anyways I'm diverting, it bring me back to my title,how low can I go, I mean of course in relation to calories. Could I survive on 800cals while trying to lose weight.

As the Lapband bible tells us, we should aim to eat between 1000 - 1200 cal and only eat 3 meals a day - no snacking between meals, they even condone missing meals if you can, claiming the lapband makes you forget about food and feeling like you want to eat, which between you and me is a crock of shit as I'm constantly thinking about what I can have next.

You probably are aware as I'm not posting my weight I'm not losing any - and your absolutely right - I have swapped quantity for quality which means I eat less food but it it usually the crappier option, like butter,standard cheese, chocolate, biscuits etc

So I have decided I'm going to do some research and self testing, I'm going to see what is the lowest calorie value I can survive on. The rules will be as follows

1. Must eat 3 meals a day
2. Must eat low fat
3. Must eat good quality foods
4. Eliminate simple carbs, like the cakes,choccies etc
5. Drink 1.5 litres water a day
6. Record all food and most importantly record hunger and mood levels.
7. Must weigh in weekly and be accountable on this blog

So tomorrow is the day, I'll weigh myself and start from there.