Saturday 25 November 2006

I did it !

Woohoo ! I finally did my tracker. A big thank you to Cactusfreek for showing me how. My goal weight is my wedding weight, I think that is a good weight to aim for in the interim. According to WW my goal weight is 72-65 kilos ! - Yeah right last time I weighed 65kgs (I was 19) I looked like a biafran on steroids !!

Ok, lets start this thing.

I grew up in a loving family, the only girl with 3 brothers (2 older,1 youngter) I was a normal weight until thr age of 12 when the Juvenile Arthritis I had diagnosed at 2, worsened and I had to cease all forms of activity including my beloved Highland Dancing (Scottish). My mum bought me a piano, got me some lessons and virtually wrapped me up in cotton wool so to speak, as that's what the doctors told her to do. So began my career with the medical profession which still hounds me to this day. All this inactivity of course made me stack on the weight aggravated by the cortisone (steroids) I was on to quell the inflammation. Due to my condition I always felt different from everyone else and everything I did or wanted to do revolved around my "complaint". So from here on I always was "fat" and or thought I was fat. High School was a bit of a nightmare at times (though thank god I went to a all girls school) I hated going swimming and to dances and stuff every teenager loved to do. I did have though, 4 great friends who remain close to this day, BUT I was always the brunt of the jokes, like spreading my jam sandwich across my science book, or hanging my bra(after swimming) up the school flag pole etc etc. I did my best to laugh it off, but deep down it hurt like hell and I was always on my guard as to what would happen next. I always had this feelin of not being good enough and of course I blamed my weight and my health........... (To be continued)


Wanna_B_slim said...

Just popped by to say HI!!!!!
Good luck with your journey.. You have obviously done really weel so far judging by your ticker... keep up the fantastic work...
you will find alot of support here in blogger land..
Cheers Nannette

Chubbymum said...

Wow you did have a hard time in your childhood hun that is not good... but we always make your adulthood FANBLOODYTASTIC to make up for it.

Love Chubbymum

Anne said...

Great you have started a blog - have found it really helps me keep focused and also the great thinkg is knowing you are never alone!

I could so relate to your story about being 'fat' or thinkg you were - I felt the same way as well - good luck with your journey!!