Wednesday 29 November 2006

Onwards and Upwards

I have lost 17 kilos since May 06. I have achieved this by sticking to 1500 cal a week. Up until July I was going to the gym 2-3 times a week. I suppose my improved mood has helped stick to the plan as previously I couldn't stick to anything for longer than 3 days. Like most overweight people I had tried every diet known to mankind, I always knew what I had to do but just couldn't put the two together. It feels different this time, I can't explain why, it just does.
My goal for the next week is to start back at the gym again, as I know this will speed up the losses and in the long run make me feel physically better. But I must admit I am not looking forward to starting again as last time I couldn't walk or do anything for 3 whole days. Poor Dearly Beloved had to pull me up off everything as my quads were so painful. I think this time I will halve what the trainer tells me to do.


Spider63 said...

Wow, you have done great! Keep up the good work (and your plan to work out at the gym)