Tuesday 21 November 2006

My Mantra

Bring out the marching bands, crack the champagne ! After much deliberation and procrastination I have started a blog. I have been an avid reader of several blogs(all mainly weight loss orientated) for some time now, so have now decided to jump on the band wagon.

I've named my blog after my current mantra, which I'm using to cut out all the crap and get straight to the issue.. I've got a heap of weight to lose and am looking for all the help I can get. I'm also a bit of a computer philistine so once I can work out how to do things, I'll post one of those weight loss graphs I see on all the other sites. If anyone has any suggestion I would appreciate your comments.

Ciao for now.


Name: Lynise said...

Hi Celtic,
Hope your having a good week. Don't know if your reading my blog at all, I should include more weight loss stuff on it, but it gets a bit dull if all I am writing is 'drank water, went for a walk, and food is ok (or sometimes not). I have tried to write a couple of weight loss entries but end up repeating myself and food/walk/water doesn't really change much on a day to day basis. I think I may start weighing fornightly though, and post my fornightly results on-line. Take care

CactusFreek said...

Hi! Welcome to blogland!
I'm not much of a computer geek, but i can tell you how to add things to your blog, like the weight loss tickers you mentioned if you like :o)

Chubbymum said...

Woohoo hun you did it!! that is such a cool thing!

I am so glad I can start reading about you and commenting too!

Well done

Love Chubbymum

celtic_girl said...

Thankyou all for your support