Thursday 30 November 2006


Today for some reason I am starving. I am so hungry I could eat the crutch from a low flying duck!!!! Can't find a reason for it - have been drinking my water. I ate my days snacks by 11am and I unfortunately succumbed to a custard tart when the coffee van came which of course I now regret.

Last night Dearly Beloved and I went to our daughters school as they were having a performing arts night. Our daughter had the lead in the Yr 9 Drama play which was a modern day version of the biblical Jonah and the Whale story (she attends an Anglican college).The play was written like a Phillip Marlowe detective story - you know where the detective narrates the story between scenes. My daughter was the detective and was on stage for most of the performance. I must say she was very good, she did the whole play in an American accent which did not falter throughout. I was amazed and surprised how well she did. It was the same a week earlier when I attended the debating final - I came away thinking she should be a lawyer now I think maybe an actor.

I have a couple of challenges over the weekend - food wise. I am still planning to get to the gym on Saturday, so fingers crossed I get there.


Spider63 said...

I think we all have those days, when your brain triggers some kind of starvation alarm. It will mess up your diet, but it is very stressful to ignore.