Tuesday 28 November 2006

My Epiphany

After 7 long years struggling with my ever increasing weight, chronic pain that was getting worse feeling like crap all the time and trying to hold down a full time job and run a household, my GP very gingerly suggested I may be depressed. WELL HELLO ! This guy should be nominated for a Nobel prize!!!! Who wouldn't be freaking well depressed with all this going on. I suppose I have known all along I was depressed but we all think - NO, this is only temporary and I can't be depressed. Also the social stigma side of this illness, people see it as a weakness or something you don't admit to or talk about. I could not ignore it any longer, as I hated the person I had become, so I agreed to see someone about it. That was nearly 12 months ago and I must say the medication and more importantly the talking has helped enormously. That's one of the reasons I have started to blog, as I bottled things up and the pot was always bubbling over.

I decided last May to do something about my weight, so Dearly Beloved, my brother and me joined our local gym. Things were going well,when in July my brother was crushed to death at work. As you can imagine it has shattered our family, my poor, poor mother has been in a terrible way, trying to come to terms with this. I suppose it is made worse because we do not how it happened as there has to be an investigation. His death has been my epiphany, it has made me realise life is to short and we owe it ourselves and our families to fight for it and live to the max.

So dear Gavin, I will do this for you.


Spider63 said...

Wow, you have my deepest condolences. I have no siblings (though I wish I did). I cannot imagine what you and your family have suffered, God Bless.

celtic_girl said...

Thankyou, Spider63.