Wednesday 31 October 2007


To all my friends who celebrate Halloween, I hope you have a good one. And remember to go for the tricks rather than the treats!

One for the ladies

Tuesday 30 October 2007


I'm no longer a bee's dick away from the teens. It's looking more like a camel's dick at the moment.

I went to a 50th birthday bash on the weekend, it was fully catered, I will say no more, I had to be rolled out of the house. I had good intentions of staying on track Sunday and Monday,but failed at the 8pm mark,on both occasions. Gotta work extra hard tonight to get over the hump.

I'm not going to weigh in tomorrow as I know there will be a gain, so like Christine, I'm giving myself a "pass" from weigh in this week, only for this week no matter how my week goes.

I am going to requisition a vodka cooler as I am going to need it over the next four weeks, hell I need it now. Work is extremely busy at the moment and my assistant has just gone on leave for one month ( The Biatch !!!!! lol).

We are spending this weekend by the water, a nice unit overlooking the harbour, about an hours drive, it will be a nice change of scenery. Only problem is they have forcasted rain, here we are in a drought and it decides to rain when we get a chance to go away- figures!!!!

Friday 26 October 2007



Wednesday 24 October 2007


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Weighed in this morning with a loss of .600kg ( 1.36lbs) taking my weight to 120.2kg (264.44 lbs) a mere bees dick away from the teens again.

I'm happy with that, as I'm still not doing any planned exercise, though I did make it to the gym once last week which I know just really didn't count for anything. I have a surprise 50th this weekend, (not mine - yet! lol)so I have a lot of self talk to do before I go to ensure I don't undo all the hard work Ive done over the last 3 weeks.

I want to make a special mention to all my friends out there in cyberspace and anyone else who is struggling at the moment,you people have helped keep the flame alive in me and made me not want to throw the towel in ,even though I have come close a couple of times, so know I am there for you and if anyone would like to email me directly to talk over some things please do as I would love to hear from you. Hope you all have a great day.

Monday 22 October 2007


Saturday 20 October 2007


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Well my shoe shopping of last week went well. In fact it went very well. I have never before had such a successful day shopping for shoes, I was in shoe Utopia (if their is such a place). Heres some photos of my purchases.

Not bad for someone who has had so much trouble. The white pair are labelled "Dynamic Suspension" which made me laugh as they sounded like something you'd find on a car or tyres maybe.They are certainly very comfortable and I can feel the cushioning as I walk. WOOHOO!

Wednesday 17 October 2007


Just a quick update as I will be flat chat all day.

Weighed in today for a 1 kg (2.2lb) loss.

Gotta be happy with that!

Friday 12 October 2007


Tomorrow I'm going shopping to look for some summer sandals. I want to make it clear now - I HATE SHOPPING FOR SHOES.

As I type this I can almost hear every female suck their breath in dis belief how any normal woman could hate 1) shopping 2) especially for shoes. Now what could be the reasons for this loathing of all things shoe like I possess.

You see I have the irony to top all ironies - I have very,very,very narrow feet. Yes, you read right, n-a-r-r-o-w feet. How is it that everything else on me is wide or pendulous and in some cases - both! The only dainty things I possess are my bloody feet!

Now it hasn't always been like this folks, when I was younger ( and thinner) I never had a problem, I used to get around in 4 inch heels, ankle straps , court shoes in all textures and colours . I used to be able walk without pain, run, and dance until the wee hours of the morning.I think at one stage I owned around 70 pairs of shoes - I was a shoe-aholic. As I got older and fatter my feet paid the price and thanks to oh, around 6 stress fractures in my feet over the past 7 years I can no longer wear a heel any higher than 2 inches.

So, my choices are limited somewhat. What really jerks my chain is when I go into a shoe store most assistants take one look at me and assume fat arse means fat feet. No no-no, not in this case honey. I recall one assistant commenting on how "thin" my feet were in comparison to the rest of me, my retort was "Well, I have to have something going for me sweetheart - ha!

I can see it now, trying on endless pair after pair, that are either too wide,too high, not enough support - yada yada yada . For once I want to have something wider - my feet, please god let me find something to fit my narrow feet or at least make the rest of me narrow to match!!!

Wednesday 10 October 2007


Well I had a loss - 2.8kg (6.16lbs) mainly water weight but hey it's a step in the right direction that's for sure.

This takes my regain down to 4kg (8.8lbs) which I sure hope I can knock off before the 12 week challenge ends.

Yesterday was a better day for me I drank more water (though not as much as I should have) and had a extra salad with my evening meal, so I will keep doing that for the time being.

Need to get back into the gym - I have been really slack on the exercise front, I need to make time to do it. Also I can feel my back is starting to ache more now which is a results of not exercising, it's true what they say "if you don't use, you'll lose it!!!

Monday 8 October 2007


It's an understatement for me to say I'm struggling on the diet front at the moment. The weekend was particularly bad, I felt like I was starving most of the time. I can't understand why I'm feeling like this. I'm eating 1500 cals, spread over three meals and three snacks per day. After dinner is the worst, a real danger time for me. I succumbed big time on Saturday night once I started it was hard to stop. The only saving grace for me was the fact that I hadn't done my weekly grocery shop which limited my choices. Sunday was a little better, though I again got the after dinner munchies.

Tomorrow I'm going to make a consistent effort to drink my water throughout the day, What I usually do is drink the bulk of it the morning(1 litre) and taper off to nothing by dinner time. Also going to have a small green salad on top of my set lunch and dinner menus to help fill me up better.

Is this a product of my low carb diet?? I was not this hungry when I was on the shakes, it is a mystery to me, one which I hope I can pull myself out of- quickly!!

Thursday 4 October 2007


Made it through Day 1 unscathed.

It was a stinking hot day here yesterday 36 C which is about 97 F on the old scale - and it's not summer yet!!!!!

Decided to get a early start in the office today - 7AM as I want to leave by 4pm and do some shopping tonight. I am feeling so tired at the moment, am having trouble sleeping at night keep waking up every 2-3 hours arghhhhh! I read somewhere where lack of sleep is detrimental to weight loss and to effectively lose weight the average person needs 7 -8 hours of restful sleep per night. Oh I wish!!!

Today I've got two meetings to attend both in the morning I'm silently praying they will be postponed or even cancelled. lol

I'm going to join Christine's 12 week challenge, I need to be accountable, so if your reading Christine - count me in!!!!

Wednesday 3 October 2007


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Weighed in this morning for a massive gain of 6.8 kg (15lbs), what a dickhead!

I knew it would be bad, but I didn't think it was quite THAT bad. Why in f*ck's name do I do it for.

Enough said, it's back on the straight and narrow for this little duck!!!

Monday 1 October 2007


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First of all, sorry I have not been around much, I still am working 10-12 hour days and am literally pooped at the moment. I have decided as of next week I'll only put in 2-3 days a week with these hours as 1) I cannot keep this pace up everyday 2) I'm not getting much kudos for the extra hours, it is sort of expected and one thing I hate is being taken advantage of.

Being so busy, I have also used this as an excuse to fall of the diet wagon - BIG TIME.

I use the word excuse as I really could have eaten much better than I have since stopping the low carb regime. I liken myself to a Great White Shark eating anything and everything in sight. It is really is pathetic, but I must take full responsibility for my actions as no one forced me to do it. I have no idea what the scales are saying, I'm to chicken to find out but I would guesstimate I have gained around 6kg (13lbs). EGAD!!!

Physically I feel like shit, my whole body is achy and I get headaches everyday and because I'm not drinking my water, I am retaining fluid. I have taken the weekend to sort myself out. I'm going back to my 1500 calories a day thingy. It's tried and true, all I need to do is plan.

Like we all know we all do better when we plan. Not planning for me is setting myself up to fail before I even start. So I am in the process of devising 4 weeks of eating based on the 1500 cal and will start Wednesday. I'm also going to try blogging more to help get me back in the swing of things. So that's it, I'll try and get round to all your blogs over the next couple of days.

Today I am going to list some items on Ebay, I have never done it before and thought I'd give it a go. Until Wednesday, if you hear a huge screech it will only be me weighing myself!! lol