Saturday 7 March 2009


Went to the movies today and saw - Watchman.

I was looking forward to it as that super spunk Jeffrey Dean Morgan was in it. For those who watch Grays Anatomy he briefly played Denny the patient who was dying and marries Katherine Heigel's character on his death bed - sigh!

The movie is based on the DC Comics of the 1980,s about a group of superheros called The Watchmen. I must admit I didn't really know much about it as my daughter had to fill me in. I'd give the movie 7/10, it was entertaining though a little long at 160 minutes.

This angelic face is currently out of my good books at the moment. He had a bit of a scrap with his mother and mummy came off second best.

I was trying to retrieve a bone from the little bugger and he's very possessive about his bones.As I was holding him by the collar so my daughter could retrieve it, the little bugger tried to get away and sunk his teeth into my hand. I made it worse by pulling my hand out of his mouth which did all the damage, so had to make a trip to the Emergency Dept last night and have it looked at as there was quite a bit of meat hanging out and bleeding badly.

I know he should not do this, but I think he felt cornered by me and my daughter, I should not have pushed the issue, but used a diversion tactic to get it. He knew straightaway he was in TROUBLE and hid under the table and has been trying to suck up to mum ever since - the little shit!

He's not a vicious dog by any means, I mean I can take any food away from him and there's not problem, it's just his bones he gets territorial about, oh well a lesson well learnt I can tell you and no more bones for you buddy!


Carlton said...

Hope your hand gets better soon. All you needed was to visit another hospital... LOL....

Tania said...

Oh no - hope your hand heals quickly! I know where you're coming from, I have 2 maltese shih tzus and as small as they are our oldest Jessie is very territorial and I have battle scars from where my body parts met her teeth ... lol

CactusFreek said...

Naughty Oscar! He didn't taste blood did he? :o/

Good on you for your loss too. That's great! :o)

Isn't it awesome that Amanda is back on TBL??? I'm really pleased for her! :o)

Mick said...

Ouch, reckon that like it hurt a lot.

ps: Letting the dog eat your arm off isn't a good way of losing weight.

Nola said...

The little ones are the ones you have to watch!! lol
Puts a whole new spin on "hand reared" or "hand fed" doesn't it!? lol

Anonymous said...

Dogs need bones and love them, but they do bring out the territorial nature and that has gotten my hand and my daughter nipped more than once because the dog considers anyone that touches the bone a natural enemy even if it is just a one second reaction.