Sunday 29 March 2009


The constipation has improved as long as I remember to take the Benefibre.

I didn't weigh in last Friday just really could not be bothered. My motivation at the moment is pretty pathetic, I know why, it's only taken me 40 something years to work it out.

I'm dealing with a fair amount of stress at the moment at home and at work and have been turning to the old favourite and enemy number one - food . I had a pretty scary moment last week at work where I medicated myself with something and 30 minutes later had my head down the bowl felling nauseous as hell and dry retching.

Suffice to say it did not do my band any good as I had bad pains in the stomach all afternoon and have had to really go back onto mushie foods again.

While rummaging around for one of my psychology books on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy I found my old Dr Phil's Weight loss book. This book is based on CBT so have started reading it again and will do the exercises as well which was one of the reasons I never finished the damn thing cause I couldn't be arsed at the time to do the work.

The other reason I gave up on it was because I read the book in Dr Phil's southern drawl and it was driving me crazy!!! lol Funny thing now I'm not doing it - go figure.

Exercise has been pretty much non existent due to my usual aches and pains and next week I have to help hubby in our part time cleaning business as his offsider is away so am really not looking forward to that - NOT

I mentioned a few weeks ago I was given a promotion at work, well we hired someone to take over my payroll duties for two days a week. I still have to oversee the wages but it will be good once the new person is up and trained. I hope that cuts out some of my stress as Wednesday's are the pits.

So my mission for the week is to concentrate on the head,getting my thoughts pattern right and working on changing the undesirable eating behaviours - that should be easy right?


Tania said...

Oh yes definitely an easy task for this week ;-) Hang in there - things will get easier (at least that's what I keep telling myself).

Stress plays a major part doesn't it? I've learnt that the hard way, but control the stress and you control the rest, easier said than done!