Friday 6 March 2009


Weighed in today 117.4kg(258.2lbs)with a loss of 2.4kg(5.28lbs).

Just shows what you can do when you do the right thing.

Things I did well with this week were:-

1.Eating within my 1200 calories

2.Staying away from the evil Caramel Tarts for 6 out of 7 days,even when I would have given my left arm for one.

3.Making a consistant effort to maintain a positive attitude and using the "fake it till you make it" strategdy

4.Having more wins with my mind over what I shoved into my mouth.

5. Being kinder to myself

Things I need to improve on

1. Exercise - did not get to the gym as planned. Work has been hectic and having to stay late, by the time I get home and cook I just am too tired to go. Yes an excuse, need to just make myself go.

2. Meal planning could do with some work, particulary dinner,this would also help with getting to the gym as well.

So, that my wrap up for the week, all in all I'm pleased with how I handled situations over the week having some wins and acheiving some small goals I set for myself, so overall a good week.


Chris H said...

WOo hoo for a good week mate.
Hope ya have an awesome weekend.
Unpicking.. I just gave up.. taking a break.. it pisses me off no end!

angelfish24 said...

Way to go on your loss this week. I know exercise is the key and of course the calories...I need to start something here soon instead of just staying the same.

Carlton said...

WOW Congratulations what a great loss.