Friday 15 December 2006


It's friday, it's 4.30pm and I am waiting for the clock to strike 5pm so I can get out of here. It has been a bloody boring day . I have gots heaps of work but could not get into anything today. Maybe it's the weather (Humid and raining) or the fact there's only 4 more working days till the Xmas shutdown, and I still have a heap of things top do at home.

Tomorrow is our family get together for Christmas. There will be around 65 of us from my mum's side. We hire a hall and all pitch in with the food. It is usually a good day, but a lot of work. I wonder if anyone will notice I have lost 20 kilos. I'll be pissed off if they don't because they sure do notice when it's put on! (lol). I have also had some weird cravings today - probably because I'm bored. I succumbed and bought some Kettle Chips, they were yummy but I'm paying for it now with the reflux( Yukky). Iv'e just been given a lovely hamper from some guys here at work. It has choccy covered macadamias,shortbreads,peanuts,jams etc everything I'm not supposed to have. Oh well, I'll take them home and leave them on the counter and they are sure to go.


Meow Meow said...

HI stopping by...via cactus blog.

I have an hour to go and I have 2 weeks off of work! WAHOOOOOOOOO

My goodness your get together tomorrow is going to be HUGE! Bless your soul. I am driving home to New Orleans this weekend to see mom, dad n sis. I'll be work out after a week there....

I'll come back and visit again soon.
Happy Holidays!

TitanThirteen said...

Kettle chips are one of my biggest weaknesses! And thats such a shame because i'm sure they are the fattiest chips out there!!

How many compliments did you get on your loss hhmmm??? Tell tell

TitanThirteen said...

..BTW i stole that nativity picture, thanks lol