Monday 22 January 2007

Weekend away Pt 1 - Time to be grateful

I had a weekend full of being grateful which I will share with you as I go along.

I knew we were in drought but I was shocked by the barren and dry landscape as we travelled down to our nations capital. The country people are really doing it tough at the moment and I feel for them and their animals. All dams I saw were either dry or a mud pit. Canberra is a three hour road trip for us and this photo was taken on the Canberra side of Goulburn. The landscape gave me impression it would EXPLODE into a furious blaze at the slightest hint of a spark. I felt grateful of what I had back home .We arrived in Canberra on Saturday and checked into our accommodation. We had a nice big two bedroom apartment in the city centre, after dropping our luggage we proceeded to find somewhere for lunch. We found an Irish pub and welcomed a nice cold ale as it was 40 deg outside. After lunch we drove to the War Memorial and had a quick look around there. We were limited to where we went as my parents - god love them - are not as mobile as they once were and can only walk short distances. For the second time I was grateful I could still get around reasonably well irrespective of my health issues. I also felt grateful I still had both my parents here and was able to spend time away with them. This photo was taken of hubby Al, my mother Val and father Bert or "Blurt"as I affectionately call him. My dad is nearly 80 but I don't think he looks his age - hopefully I've inherited that from him.

I was also grateful after viewing some of the displays at the War Memorial. I cannot image what it was like for anyone involved in any war, or conflict on both sides and all factions. The absolutely shocking death stats and the destruction it causes made me want to weep for all people involved past and present. Why is it we can't all co exist together in peace.


Spider63 said...

The Aussies helped not only the British but also fought with the USA and Canadians and others. In American history, the Australian forces in WWII and Vietnam War are given credit for fighting bravely, rescuing American soldiers, and making a big difference.

In the Vietnam War, the Australian special forces provided leadership and training to the Americans.

Most importantly, you had a good time on the tour!

White Rose Boy said...

War is certainly scary although sometimes history suggest it was necessary. Its so sad people want to kill each other and its usually innocents that suffer the most.

Glad you had a good time.

Rebecca said...

You are lucky to have your parents. With all that my mom is going through, believe me *cherish* your time with them...Let them know TODAY how much they mean to you and share some of your favorite childhood memories with them.

angelfish24 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog recently so thought I check out your. Sorry to hear about the drought down there I hope you get some relief sometime soon.
It's always good to see the parents and lucky to have them as I do mine though I miss my grandma something terrible sometimes!
War memorials are always an important thing to go to. I had a chance to go to Pearl Harbor one and the wall of people lost in vietnam in Wash. DC. It's always a sad thing but always to remember and appreciate those who gave their lives for our freedom.
I hope you have a great week.

CactusFreek said...

Being grateful is a good thing!

I was looking at a book about a guy who was in the vietnam war, and a grinade accidently went off and blew half his face off. He was REALLY spunky before it happened. Newly married, new baby :o(
When he came home he got really depressed and Over time it just consumed him. One night he decided to end his misery and shoot himself in the head. But his gun wouldn't go off no matter how hard he tried to do it.
Years later he found out why the gun wouldn't work. His daughter was in the next room and could hear the gun clicking as he cocked it. Each time she heard it, she prayed to God, "Please don't let daddy get hurt."
Now he spends his time teaching people the importance of being grateful for what you have in life.
Cool story huh?

The drought is a scary thing. One town completly ran out of water last week! I can't remember where it was.
We have a hose running from our washing machine to outside, so we can water stuff on one side of the house. And on the other side of the house, we have a hose running from the bath to outside, so we can water stuff on that side with the used bath water. I feel guilty about wasting any water now and i'm always looking for ways to save each drop that might go down the drain!